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Euro Mills & Boom: Expect penalties!

Sunday 24th June 2012 12:24

England: Face Italy in quarter-finals

England: Face Italy in quarter-finals

TEAMtalk columnist Danny Mills expects a tight game for England against Italy and believes that Spain and Germany can be beaten by pressure.

Hi everyone, Danny here checking in from Poland. You can hear my thoughts on Euro 2012 every morning on Sky Sports News Radio.

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Tight game for England

It's going to be a tense, nervy affair tonight I think. Both teams are tactically good but they will be a little bit edgy and they're both relying on maybe playing on the break. It will come down to a mistake or a special goal. It's really so tight to call this one, but I'm going to go with 1-1 and, sorry, penalties.

No changes expected

Barring any injury scares or last minute worries, I would say Roy's got his side sorted. He's got his defence well drilled, well organised, and I think he will go with the same formation, same team, and rely on those players that have got them there so far.

Milner picked due to consistency

Milner offers consistency, that's the most important thing. And his work-rate is absolutely phenomenal. He is prepared to sacrifice himself for the team. He's always been very level-headed, he doesn't want to be the star, and take all the plaudits, and you need people like that in your team.

For me, every game that James Milner plays, he's a 7 out of 10. With Theo Walcott, you'll sometimes get a 9 out of 10 performance but sometimes you'll get a 4 out of 10 performance and that's the danger, and the worry that Roy Hodgson has. James Milner is one of those unsung heroes.

Rooney finding match sharpness

Wayne obviously has missed an awful lot of games leading into the tournament. He hadn't played a proper [competitive] game since the end of last season (before the Ukraine game), and he looked just a touch off on his sharpness and his timing.

Hopefully that's behind him now as Wayne Rooney on his day is a world class player. He has very high standards for himself and expects great things from himself. Hopefully he can put on a decent performance.

Germany and Spain not unbeatable

I thought Germany were exceptional in the group stages. They were efficient, very good at what they did. They have some very good players in there. They are exceptional.

But they do have one or two defensive frailties; they can be got at, as can Spain. If you play the ball down the sides [of Ramos and Pique] you can get at them. Puyol is a big miss in terms of presence.

And Germany are the same. The way they push on, they do leave space down the sides. If England are fortunate to make it through and beat the Italians, another momentous clash awaits with Germany.



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