Hard to beat

Monday 3rd December 2012 14:06

Good times returning to Reebok?

Good times returning to Reebok?

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Bolton FanZoner Gareth McCann reckons Wanderers are unbeatable... well at the moment.

One point has to be better than none!

It's been six games under the reign of Freedman now and something quite strange has happened - we're yet to lose a game. It's been win, draw, draw, draw, draw and win. That latest win was against Blackburn Rovers on Wednesday night, a game that apparently Bolton dominated. I'm not going to read too much into this result because the last time I got excited about a Bolton away win at Ewood Park and made it signify some sort of progress, it didn't.

However, I think I can attach some sort of significance to the current run that we have been on since the change in management team. The previous six league games to the appointment read as loss, draw, loss, win, draw, and loss. That's five points from a possible eighteen versus ten, which is at least as twice good.

Those that knew something about Dougie and his time at Crystal Palace warned that he was more concerned with not losing than winning, and this run of not losing is evidence of the truth of that. And to be frank, whilst drawing games is not as good as winning them, it's better than the other alternative.

To put this in some sort of context, Owen Coyle's Trotters never went six games unbeaten in the 126 games that he presided over. The best he ever managed was five games unbeaten in that period where Elmander was doing stepovers in the penalty area and Mark Davies was finishing off sweeping passing moves that got us in the broadsheets.


To find the last time Bolton went six games unbeaten you have to go back to September and October 2006 during Sam Allardyce's last season as Bolton manager. That's basically six years since we went six in a row without a loss (I cannot tell you how depressing it was to trawl through six years of win, draw, loss, and loss, loss, draw, and loss, loss, loss). That in itself shows how well Dougie has started his tenure.

I know some might say that this extra level of attainment might have more to do with the Championship level that we are now at. If I met anyone who thought that I would draw their attention to our results prior to this run we are now on.

But we have to be alert to the fact that this run will end.

All good things and all that. But just imagine if it didn't? We're on 25 points and have 27 games left. If we were to carry on as we are doing and win a third of the games we have left and draw the rest we would win 9 and draw 18. We'd finish the season on 70 points. Last season that would not have been enough to make the play-offs. This string of results is a solid foundation but if we're going to get back to the promised land of the Premiership we're going to have to do even better.