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Thursday 26th August 2010 15:59

Kalala - more cards than Clintons

Kalala - more cards than Clintons

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Ben Barrett thinks someone needs to tell Yeovil that they have to defend in time added on!

Untimely goals punish Glovers

Tell any Yeovil Town fan that their side has just held a Championship club to a draw in the cup and gone up to Bristol Rovers and gained a valuable draw away from home, and no matter how that cup-tie ended up they will be really quite happy.

If the Crystal Palace fixture and the one at the Memorial Stadium were played over 90 minutes and not a second more then that would have been exactly what we would be talking about.

Football as we know is no longer a 90 minute match, often we are looking at 93, 94 or sometimes close to 100 minutes of football.

Against Palace in the Carling Cup, Alan Lee popped up to snatch a winner with the last kick of the game, whilst at Rovers, despite a 89th minute equaliser from Adam Virgo, we still managed to go let that final point slip away from us.

Byron Anthony was one of twenty-something players crammed into the Yeovil box and the full-back snatched another late decider.

The supporters and management are happy about a performance in which a side from the league above looked pegged back for much of the game and another in which we did our best to match a local rival.

But the stats about possession, shots on or off target or how many passes we strung together are all but irrelevant when you consider the most important stat of all, the final score.

There is nothing more infuriating than seeing your side snatch a last gasp goal to gain a draw only to see the opponents tear it away again.

I found myself jumping like a maniac at the point of Virgo's equaliser only to find myself cursing at the Anthony winner.

The question remains then how many times can you be happy with a sterling performance but without anything to show for it on the league table or in the next round of the cup?

Without doubt, the Rovers game was marred by the freak injury that kept Dean Bowditch out, the damage caused to Luke Freeman from constantly being tackled - if there is one thing the Rovers know how to do well it is eliminate the danger - and the petulant and silly sending off of Jean Paul Kalala.


Kalala is well and truly the marmite of Yeovil Town, constantly getting booked and living very much of the edge of being sent off game after game, but without him we look a weaker side. The back four in particular lack protection without him in front of them.

His absence was brought to the forefront against Hartlepool, and one of the worst performances of Terry Skiverton's reign saw us lose 2-0, a complete shocker. The large hole in the middle of midfield was one of the main reasons given for a poor showing.

Pool had just lost their manager and travelling 350 miles to and from a fixture can't be easy for players or fans alike, yet they played us off the park.

Just like Skivo, we will write it off as a 'bad day at the office' and will talk no more of it.

Since I last wrote a blog post we have made some developments of a smaller nature on the goalkeeper front. John Sullivan has made it perfectly clear he wants to stay - he is enjoying his time playing some first team football - who are we to deny him that?

I try and remain positive on these blogs, and most of the time it is easy - we are mostly playing good football, players and the manager are saying all of the right things, there is even talk of one more striker being added before the end of the window.

But, and there is always a but, a national newspaper has picked up on some of the off-field issues and is warning Yeovil fans to demand answers over the splitting of the football club into two separate companies.

The club are adamant it is for the benefit of the club in the long term and will bring in significant extra revenue - the newspaper is far more sceptical.

Since the articles began appearing the club has remained silent and failed to respond to letters and requests for information from both journalists and supporters. Something which hasn't gone down too well at all - the silence, as they say, is deafening. It really does need looking at.

Having just re-read through this article, I find it is far more negative than I intended! Roll on August 28th and my first away day of the season - Oldham away, a horrible ground but one I have fond memories of, to be honest I can't wait.



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