The joy of six

Tuesday 28th September 2010 16:44

Things are looking up at Crewe

Things are looking up at Crewe

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Richard Chandler and Crewe had an awful start to the season, so a six match unbeaten run has him very excited.

Railwaymen back on track after late start

Who would have thought it?

From nowhere, we have something approaching belief and excitement. OK beating Barnet 7-0 was a one off but who would have thought that it would be the start of a six game unbeaten run? And who would have thought we would be defending so well and playing such stylish football? If we had someone doing what Calvin Zola was doing at this stage last season then we would be right in the mix at the top!

Despite scoring plenty of goals this season we just haven't quite scored in the close games when we've been on top. We've drawn four already and in all of those games we have been very wasteful in front of goal.

But in each case we looked more likely to win than lose. And I still believe that we have a good group of forwards from which someone will emerge and score plenty of goals (my moneys on it being Donaldson). So things really are looking up.

And after starting with two defeats and playing so poorly against an impressive Cheltenham side I really didn't see it coming. Everybody is excited about the emergence of Powell but he hasn't had the opportunity to seriously influence things yet.

The real impact has been down to the arrival of Bell and Artell, the greater consistency from Ada and Murphy and the move into their more favoured positions for Tootle, Westwood and Donaldson. Oh, and the goalkeeper is pretty handy too. I'm not sure what will happen there once Steve Phillips is fit and available again.


So what is there to even complain about? Well we could (and probably should) have turned some of the draws into wins. The refereeing still isn't very good. Every now and then we come up against a vile side like Oxford who's tactics are nothing to do with football (their success is surely based on the fact that the refereeing isn't very good).

And Vale are top with one of OUR kids running the show for them in midfield. But hey. We are six games unbeaten. Count them! Six! We've had so many years of getting worse and worse that just seeing us within touching distance of the playoffs is a reason for mass celebration!

I mean, it would be genuinely surprising now to see us lose by three goals at home. And that seemed to happen every other home game last season!

We've a tough set of away games coming up against Chesterfield, Southend, Gillingham and Vale so they will be a major indicator of where we are going to go this year. But right now I see no reason to believe we won't be able to compete in those games.

I guess my faith in Dario has been restored. I believe we can play football in this league and be successful. And most importantly, I'm looking forward to going to games once again!



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