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Tuesday 26th October 2010 10:36

Scott: Under pressure

Scott: Under pressure

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Brentford may have dreams of cup success, but blogger William Boye is only worrying about the league right now.

Scott's side need to start punching their weight

A wiseman once said to me there's always light at the end of the tunnel! What a load of rubbish that is. We've managed two wins in a row and yet we're still loitering around the 'R' zone.

Maybe my expectations of this overpaid, underperforming Brentford side is slightly higher than this wiseman.

Nothing seems to be working, nothing! And it makes things worse when we're playing good football and losing; if we were playing badly then at least we would understand as to what's going wrong.

I don't think Chinese whispers are helping at the moment with people claiming Andy Scott faces the chop, and I am certainly his number one fan when it comes to his style of football and the direction he seems to be taking the club but it's hard to get behind Scotty and the team with such performances.

We look a shadow of the side we were two years ago in which we were branded league champions. Maybe it's just me living in the past, pretty much like an Arsenal fan, thinking of what we once were, the players we once had, the buzz that used to surround our fortress and how that success could possibly lead to this!


I don't want to say that dreaded 'R' word but we seem to flirting with it and that's the worrying factor. That is what has led to my sceptical attitude but the relief I do hold is that we're certainly not one of the four worst teams in the league. With clubs like Yeovil, Tranmere, Leyton Orient and even Dagenham & Redbridge, there are worse teams than Brentford and last season proved this.

People argue our honeymoon period is over and we're back to reality in where we stand in such a tough league, so I will cut Brentford some slack.

I would hate to take away from the Brentford fans the two wins in a row because maybe that is a sign that we're moving forwards, with one of those wins against a strong Peterborough side, improvement is evident and we seem to moving in the right direction.

Maybe this is a sign that there is still hope for us to move up the league and simply guarantee our stay in the league this will most certainly build a platform for Brentford to move onto bigger and better things.

If our last two wins are something to go buy and if we gain something against Exeter on the weekend then maybe just maybe that wiseman had a point...



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