Stepping up in style

Date published: Thursday 11th November 2010 11:16

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New boys fitting in like old furniture

What a start to League football life it’s been for Stevenage!

15 games in and we’re no closer to finding out how the rest of the season is going to shape up at the Lamex Stadium, with no sign of consistent form, a regular starting line-up and guessing the next goalscorer proving a harder task than persuading fans to wear our garish gold away shirt!

However, do not mistake my words as one of a pessimistic doomsayer, confining myself to a season of whinging on the terraces with endless quotes starting with ‘last season this’ and last season that’.

On the contrary, given the current crop of players plying their trade at the ‘Boro’ the quality of football is, dare I say it, has vastly improved on last season, especially considering that most of the teams in League Two are ‘bigger’ clubs stature wise and can usually attract players of a calibre much greater than that of the Conference.

The level of performances that have been put in over the majority of the season, including outplaying the majority of teams in and around us and thumping old manager Stimpson’s Barnet three nil away from home in our new local derby, are genuine causes for optimism.


If we can just start converting draws in games in which Westley has been quoted we’ve ‘outplayed’ and ‘had the better chances’ against the opposition then automatic promotion is not beyond the realms of possibility.

Much of how the rest of the season unfolds will be decided by Westley getting consistent form and games out of key players such as Michael Bostwick who has the ability to turn a game on its head.

His ability to keep some of the quality loan signing which (like a magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat) he’s managed to acquire from further up the football league table, especially the strikers, who will prove vital around the busy Christmas period.

These truly still are exciting times for Stevenage fans and that air of belonging in the league mixed with a tinge of the unexpected every Saturday still provides us with the excitement of which is unsurpassed by any other season with the club. If we can just start adding a few wins in here and there, the pre-season guesstimate by yours truly of promotion may well come to fruition.

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