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Monday 6th December 2010 3:21

Do you want a football club?

Do you want a football club?

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The Americans have pitched up at Port Vale, but Lauren Watson isn't sure who they are or what they want.

Vale facing investment questions

American investors seem to be the trend in football just lately and Port Vale are keen to get in on the act.

The latest in a long line of Americans to tackle the footballing world are a group of mystery Texans. When they rolled into Burslem they didn't do it behind a group of cattle and a bunch of Stetson hats. Oh no, it was all hush hush.

But the first question on supporters' lips was what exactly do they want with Port Vale? We haven't got the same pull as brand names of Liverpool and Manchester United that attracted Hicks and Gillette and the Glaziers. There's no secret oil supply in the Potteries and ranches for cattle are few and far between.

The Vale board ask for transparency on any potential investor in the club, yet they turned down New York businessman Mike Newton when he offered just that.

Fans are pretty much in the dark to whom the consortium is, there have been no meetings to put names to faces or soothe fans worries. A stark contrast to what Newton provided and was lambasted for.

The battles that have been going up in Manchester for years and what nearly ended Liverpool prove that if it isn't all plain sailing at the highest level it's never going to be a happy marriage in the bottom tier of the Football League.


The Valiants really don't need to sort of hassle to put a dampener on maintaining a push for promotion as they head towards the halfway point of the season.

The only battle the Vale board have won so far is keeping investment talk out of the local press, but as a fan run club surely owes Vale fans an update every few weeks and let them decide amongst themselves.

If nothing can be done to move investment forward then they need to move on to pastures new. Far too much time has been spent on non existent promises and if they club are indeed to make the step up they will need funds and support to re-establish themselves as a League One side.

No public proposals have been made but if they were to swap cold pies for burgers, hot dogs and fires then I might be swayed.

With this cold snap likely to push games aside for the next few weeks the Valiants could find themselves needing a cash injection sooner rather than later otherwise any promotion push could be thwarted by the dreaded administration word.

So it's down to the Vale board to decide are they potential investors or just a bunch of cowboys? Yeehah!



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