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Tuesday 18th January 2011 14:34

Apathy turned to anger

Apathy turned to anger

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Stephen Bradshaw wasn't the only fan close to deserting, but Phil Brown has given them reason to stay.

There is life at Deepdale yet...

In 47 years of following North End there have been many low points, but I have never lost the passion for my home team.

Even through the bad days in the lower divisions and the rock bottom day we had to apply for re-election, I never stopped believing that better times were around the corner. But this season, I have come very close to abandoning the club.

It began last season with the sacking of Alan Irvine, a disgraceful decision and one which has proved nearly disastrous for the club. The appointment of Darren Ferguson has left us on the very edge of the drop to League One oblivion.

The take over of the club by Trevor Hemmings proved a false dawn as we dropped further down the table, performances got poorer and poorer and attendances plummeted to a few thousand diehards. There was no soul left at Deepdale and It was proving harder and harder to write my blog.

The appointment of Phil Brown and Brian Horton could just prove to be the turning point. There were 14,000 in attendance to watch the draw with Leicester City. Under Ferguson, no one would have given us a chance.

OK, it was a point. But what a difference to the performance and to the mood of the fans. There is now a glimmer of belief that we will still be playing Championship football next season. As long as that light flickers, the crowds will be back.


Three very important games coming up now and all of them away, at Middlesbrough, Scunthorpe and Barnsley. I would say that we should be aiming for 5 or 6 points from 9 from these games. An absolute impossibility a month ago under Ferguson, but now maybe a possibility.

These are vital points against three teams scrapping in the bottom third of the table. Three poor results will all but consign us to relying on a miracle to survive. But, I can sense that there is now a feeling that we can win these games.

From what I have seen and heard so far, I like Phil Brown and Brian Horton. The situation had got beyond Ferguson's reach and he was appearing more and more desperate in his interviews. Phil Brown has injected new energy into the club. It's like there has been a blood transfusion. I am so glad that the board made this choice.

The usual names were heard and most would have been the wrong choices at such a crucial stage of the season. Brown and Horton have slotted in at Deepdale as if they have been there for years. Straight down to work and doing the right things. If things go according to plan, maybe we could be talking play offs this time next year!

Blogging that would be a pleasure.



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