Puppets on a string

Date published: Friday 28th January 2011 11:27

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Bees going nowhere…slowly

Four points from a possible 18 speaks volumes…and that is all I am going to talk about in regards to our on the pitch concerns.

I think this past month has taught me a harsh lesson about Brentford Football Club, a lesson in which the fans should at least have thought a long time ago.

We have become the puppets of our football club being controlled by string to throw our hands in the air in excitement whenever we score a goal and shout abuse at the referee when a decision does not go our way as the puppeteers laugh at our expense and why shouldn’t they?

We are a League One club and that is how it is going to stay until investment comes our way. One thing football lovers hate is the business side of the game because that is simply the ugly side of the game but lets face facts, we are mugs thinking this season is going to be a success and fans who declare themselves ‘real fans’ have to agree with that.

The puppeteers are having a field day out there and they consist of the board members and as painful as it is to admit it includes Andy Scott.

He must know the football we are playing is not up to scratch and the results are know where near as good enough, he brings in players who are either past it or simply not up to scratch and kids us saying ‘we still have some targets in mind’.

We’re cheered by this just like the kids behind the screen tuning into Punching Judy; however it is more mind-numbing than entertaining.


Fans are having enough and this was evident when I took to the stands in the Johnstones Paint Trophy semi-final, a semi-final before the big day out to Wembley where the turnout read 3,500.

Steve Coppell and Martin Allen both refrained from being dictators to the fans and this ensured what we see as success, well close to achieving which saw us lose both time in the playoffs, once in the final to Stoke then again to Sheffield Wednesday and Swansea.

Both managers who succeeded with no money and left citing the club have no money to progress from where they currently are. The ones who came in stating you don’t need money to succeed were Leroy Rosenior and Terry Butcher and in all honesty look how history has judged them.

So for once I will say do not point the finger at our players because they are putting the effort in. Point it at puppeteers pulling the strings from the board room, without solid investment we will remain your typical League One club, too good for League Two, decent run in the cup one season and simply settling for mid table mediocrity in League One.

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