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Friday 28th January 2011 12:20

A great little Gigg

A great little Gigg

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Sanny Rudravajhala wants you to adopt Bury as your second club, it's certainly value for money.

Grab your fivers and get to the Gigg

Happy New Year one and all!

It's been a fair while since I've managed to put thumb to keyboard but please forgive me, my ongoing exile from Gigg (now in Nottingham) left me with such withdrawal symptoms that I have barely been able to function without my weekly dose of delight and disappointment. Having said that, I have been getting to a regular amount of games; which has served to confuse me a great deal!

It would appear that there are two different Bury sides. The side that produced a fantastic spectacle at Burton and followed that up by crushing Lincoln is apparently the same side that rolled over for 45 minutes in the cup at home to Peterborough and for 80 odd minutes on New Year's Day against Macclesfield.

Our rousing second half performance against that markedly better Posh side was mirrored in the league with a great comeback against the Silkmen however, and one could perhaps point to the old adage of picking up points when you're playing badly being the sign of a good side. Results subsequently have been a tad disappointing though.


It's just so frustrating that a side capable of battering opposition hasn't been able to put together the sort of run that wins titles. We've slipped out of the automatic spots although with snow postponements yet to be fulfilled, we could well be right back up there come squeaky bum time.

Giving away cheap goals has really cost us points wise, Southend last week and Macclesfield stick out immediately from this month and when we march back up the league, we've got to completely cut these out!

I'm back in education in Nottingham, training to be science teacher, which I'll somehow combine with my training as a sport and performance psychologist. Whilst I'll stop short of analysing the team performances, I think my New Year report would give us a solid B+.

It would read, 'Some fantastic pieces of work but must stay focussed and not get distracted by those around them. Work done at home has been inconsistent and it must continue to improve in order to get moved up to the higher set for the start of next year.'


One of the privileges of being a Bury fan is being able to drag along the uninitiated and convert them into being a Shaker, which is what happened to me in the first place!

So, I continue to pay it forward and get as many people I know to adopt Bury as their second team. Given the relative ambivalence that the rest of the footballing fraternity treats us with, it is relatively easy, although the wonderful display at Burton both on the pitch and in the crowd certainly helped to create a few more followers.

My mates are now asking me when we can next go together, though I fear that taking them to the Don Valley may put them off somewhat!

So, it's Shrewsbury live on Sky this Friday. Again, I think back to our fateful play-off meeting on TV two years ago. Glancing at the table, there is one thing that I think really sets us apart from the side that came so close back them and that is goals.

Given how it was one goal that stopped us going up automatically and goal difference that would have come into play had we got a result at Northampton last season, it's brilliant to see a +12 in the GD column. In Nicky Ajose, we have acquired an absolute livewire, he's the perfect foil for Lowe and it's been a joy to watch the youngster on loan from our neighbours in Stretford.

We've managed to secure him for the rest of the season and I'm sure that his tutelage from those at the top table will prove its worth when we're approaching the final servings of the season.

One final note, our game on Friday is only £5 if you're a season ticket holder of any other club, so if you're looking for a match to watch on Friday night, then get yourself down to Gigg Lane, where dreams are mostly broken but hopes are always high!



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