Odemwingie’s career claim out of order

Date published: Tuesday 26th March 2013 1:41

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So it has been another week, another disgruntled Peter Odemwingie and another Twitter rant for the world to see and dissect.

I, like all West Brom supporters out there, have been watching the events unfold with interest and real annoyance at what the once fan favourite has had to say about my club.

What really amazes me about it all is not the fact he wanted to leave to play for relegation-doomed QPR to get more money in his coffers – after all, it must be tough only being on £40,000 a week…nothing short of slavery!

No, the statement that really wound me up and had me boing boinging around my house for completely the wrong reasons is his belief that West Bromwich Albion Football Club have ruined his career.

This was a fascinating discovery for me because the last time I checked, we actually gave him an escape route away from Russian side Lokomotiv Moscow, a club containing fans that had taunted and bullied the Nigerian with racist banners, whilst hurling verbal abuse at the striker.

I also seem to recall our all-time top goalscorer in the Premier League beaming with happiness when he got his move to the Midlands, stating that playing in England’s top division was a dream come true.

But having said all this, if it wasn’t an Albion player having a moan on the social media website I would still be watching the events unfold with real interest.

For me, it is a player I once adored and looked up to, now turning on the club I have always loved – it really is a messy relationship.

But for the neutral this is a fascinating insight into what really can go on in a footballer’ life.

We all look into the footballing world with jealousy, wishing we had it the way they do. We see the money, the cars, the houses and the girls.

But the part we don’t think about is the agents in your ear, trying to get you a move, trying to unsettle you so they can line their pockets with money from your sale.

I very much doubt that if the neglected Nigerian didn’t have a set of ‘advisors’ then he would not have driven to Loftus Road on deadline day, trying to force a move, ultimately humiliating himself and finding his antics on the back pages of all the papers the following day.

We don’t see the politics that take place inside a club and what managers and backroom staff really are like away from the media spotlight (Odemwinige has mentioned on his Twitter page how players have been told not to talk to him).

But don’t get me wrong, I would love to do what the infamous striker does for a day job. What I am saying is that this whole Twitter tantrum has really shown a different side to what many see as a footballer’s lifestyle.

And you can’t say the hitman hasn’t been brutally honest.

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