Argyle can be optimistic for future

Thursday 25th April 2013 15:42

Plymouth Argyle: On verge of safety

Plymouth Argyle: On verge of safety

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Plymouth Argyle's FanZone blogger Adam Sibley hopes the club's downward spiral will end if they avoid relegation from League Two this weekend.

Argyle are in that awful position of being almost safe but not quite there going in to the last weekend of fixtures.

The club have their destiny in their own hands, knowing that a point away at Rochdale will be enough to keep them safe but also knowing that, depending on results in many other games, they could be safe regardless. It's a hard place to approach a game from.

For Argyle to go down they would need the four teams below them to get a better result than they do which looks statistically unlikely, but on last day relegation scrambles form and statistics count for nothing.

So does John Sheridan stick or does he twist? Does he send a team out to get a 0-0 draw or does he send a team out to go for a win? Thankfully for Argyle, Rochdale have little to play for except trying to finish slightly higher in the league and ending the season on a high at home.

Argyle's form at home in recent years hasn't been that good and we have been relegated at home before so I think being away might suit us, especially knowing that around 1000 fans Argyle fans will be making their way to the game to cheer on the Greens.

We flirted with relegation last season but it didn't go down to the final day like it has this season. Regardless of if we stay up or get relegated this weekend I am hoping this season is rock bottom for Argyle and that, like a phoenix out of the ashes, next season will be the season we begin the journey up at long last.

I don't think Argyle are going to be back in the Championship in five seasons but if we can make ourselves consistent and competitive again I think becoming a team that can hold its own in League One could be an achievable goal.

Whatever happens I think Sheridan should be applauded for his efforts which have seen Argyle take 28 points out of 54 points on offer since he took charge. Considering the team was in the relegation places when he took over, to be winning over 50% of points from games is a fine achievement and a much higher percentage than Carl Fletcher contributed this season.



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