‘Blame Game’ time at Molineux

Date published: Tuesday 7th May 2013 8:44

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Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to The Blame Game!

The Blame Game allows two contestants to answer questions, point the finger of blame and vent their anger at various people or objects. Today’s theme…Wolverhampton Wanderers!

Contestant A, here’s your first question entitled: Decline.

What position did Wolves reach after beating Sheffield Wednesday 1-0 at home in September?

Contestant A: 3rd?

Correct! Point the finger of blame!

It has landed on…Dean Saunders!

Contestant A: Dean Saunders has come in and failed to find a winning formula. He doesn’t come across well in interviews and was not experienced to take the job; let’s not forget he took Doncaster down last season after taking over in September. His tactics have been too negative, unpleasant to watch and have not yielded enough good results. He claimed that his first job was to instil confidence back into the team…we’re still waiting. But is this man to blame for our current plight? Probably not. I don’t blame him for taking the post and he inherited the squad at the lowest of lows. He was not backed in January to make additions and he had to endure injuries to key players. He has taken us down, but is only a part of the problem.

Contestant B, here’s your first question entitled: Be careful what you wish for.

Which Wolves blogger wrote an article addressing his dread of a season of mid-table obscurity?

Contestant B: This one, Karl Sears

Correct! Point the finger of blame!

It has landed on…the players!

Contestant B: Where do I begin? We have/had a squad of supposed Premier League quality that isn’t even good enough to play in England’s second tier. The guys on the big money, who you would expect to shine at this level have, to put it simply, bombed. The calibre of our players should have shone through enough to at least have kept us in the division, regardless of who was in charge. They have been unable to shake the losing mentality that haunted them last season and they’ve left the club in dire straits. We’ve had games recently against relegation rivals, games where we could pull away and drag others in – the players bottled it.

Thank you. Back to Contestant A. Here’s your question entitled: Home comforts.

What percentage of home league games have Wolves won in the last three years?

Contestant A: 32%?

Correct! Just to put that in perspective, Manchester City’s home win percentage over the same period is 81%. Point the finger of blame!

It has landed on…Steve Morgan!

Contestant A: I think you can trace Mr Morgan’s blame over the last two/three years. Failure to give Mick McCarthy a chance to add enough Premier League capable players to the squad and freshen up the ranks cost us last year. His decision to sack Big Mick without having a replacement has sent the club into a downwards spiral which could yet get worse. Then, his decision to hire, then sack, Stale Solbakken after only a few months and replace him with Dean Saunders who then does not sign any players despite having the whole January window to work in seems like one long laugh-less joke. Mel Eves’ idea of doing an Ofsted-style report into the problems at the club from top to bottom would be very welcome indeed. I also think that…

OK, I’ve got to stop you there, we’re running out of time.

Contestant B, here’s your second question entitled: Throwing away leads.

In how many games did Wolves drop points from winning positions?

Contestant B: Ummmm, 10?

Correct! Point the finger of blame!

It has landed on…Stale Solbakken!

Contestant B: Hmmmm, tricky one. It’s hard to judge, based on his short tenure and what has happened since, I’m not sure how much I blame Stale. He came in with a plan for the long-term, a plan that would get us playing the football which would get us back to the Premier League. He was given money to spend, and while the football wasn’t great, I always felt that we’d come good – it might take another year, but I couldn’t see us going down. Stale left us nine points clear of relegation, Saunders took us down. Stale wasn’t helped by the players who didn’t favour his style, but as this is The Blame Game I should perhaps focus on the Christmas home league defeats, the FA Cup shocker and the nine-game winless run.


Oh dear! That’s all we’ve got time for! Topics that we didn’t have time to discuss: Jez Moxey, the fans, Lady Luck, injuries, Mick McCarthy and the boogie.

So much blame…so little time! I’ve just got a few seconds to announce that the winner is… nobody.


By Karl Sears, FanZone’s Wolves blogger. Follow us on Twitter at @FanZone too!

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