Moyes departure not the end of Everton

Friday 10th May 2013 10:57

David Moyes: Has done a fantastic job at Everton

David Moyes: Has done a fantastic job at Everton

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Everton's FanZone blogger Warren Doyle has nothing but praise for David Moyes but is optimistic the club can still prosper without the Scot.

Tuesday May 7, 2013. There I was, writing and reflecting on the previous Sunday's Merseyside Derby with no idea that in the space of 48 hours the footballing landscape in the North West would dramatically change.

David Moyes has been confirmed as the new Manchester United manager. He starts officially on July 1 and has been given a six-year contract.

When Sir Alex Ferguson announced his retirement from football at the end of the season, I was initially shocked, like everyone else. I was born a week after Ferguson was first appointed United's manager in 1986 - he has always been there and it just seemed like he was destined to be there forever.

Although we knew the day would come when he would leave, it still seemed as though he never would. Simply put, he is the greatest club manager there has ever been and the game will miss him.

The early shouts of a replacement began to emerge, with Moyes heading that list.

My initial thoughts were that he had absolutely no chance. Here is a manager who has never won a trophy and has never had Champions League experience - surely United would want someone with a track record in both of these departments?

As the hours progressed, the Moyes to United rumours got stronger and stronger, and it became more and more clear that he was about to relinquish his Everton duties and take over at arguably the world's biggest football club - he would have been foolish not to take the opportunity.

I can only praise Moyes and what he has done for our football club. He was exactly what we needed when he was first appointed. He was young, hungry, driven and had the ability to turn us into a competitive club, dragging us out of Premier League doldrums and mediocrity.

He signed some wonderful players - the likes of Tim Cahill, Mikel Arteta, Nigel Martyn and some that are in the current squad like Phil Jagielka, Marouane Fellaini and Leighton Baines.

Much has been said of his ability to work under financial constraints and he has consistently got Everton into the top eight, or thereabouts, with virtually no money.

He gave us pride our back; he built not only a team, but a club from its foundations. We have a state of the art training facility at Finch Farm, we have a squad full of internationals, we have a great youth setup and we have been involved in Europe - all under Moyes' tenure.

Yes, he has frustrated us in the past with his cautious nature, but the good far more outweighs the bad as far as Moyes' Everton reign is concerned.

For what it is worth, the more I think about it, he seems the right choice for United. I will be forever grateful for his efforts and I wish him nothing but good luck in the future.

Attention now turns to Moyes' replacement. Like all eager Evertonians, I've heard some of the names banded about; Martinez, Laudrup, Mackay and Porto manager Victor Pereira to name a few.

I do not honestly know if any one of those will be good or bad for Everton. What I will say, however, is that without significant investment into the playing squad, we simply cannot challenge at the very top.

With that in mind, at the very least I would like to see us play with a style that is easy on the eye. Martinez or Laudrup would be my ideal candidates as their teams at least try to play with an attacking flair.

There is much worry between some fans - some think that with Moyes leaving, this will mean a steady decline for Everton.

I choose to look at it another way. Even though we are not blessed with a huge transfer budget, there will be some money to spend for the new manager. The probable Fellaini sale will see to that.

The new manager will also come into the job knowing he has inherited an excellent squad with some great young players coming through the ranks. He will also know that the Everton board will give their manager a chance. The fans will also back and support the new man, even if things don't work out straight away.

Everton is an attractive proposition and I'm sure any manager who does come will relish the challenge.

Moyes did fantastically well, but we cannot dwell on his departure; we must instead back our new man, let him get on with making our club competitive and move on from the Moyes era.

That has ended now and we must move on, that is vital.

It will be an interesting summer at Everton - it could be the start of an exciting new era. I would be lying if I said the previous couple of days haven't been a shock to the system; mainly because of the speed of which things happened, but that is now in the past and we must look to the future.

We are Everton FC, not Moyes FC, we will carry on without him.

Thanks for the memories Moyesy, but here is to Everton's future.

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum.

You can follow Warren on Twitter at @WD1878 - and don't forget to follow @FanZone too!



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