Downing the only name in the envelope

Tuesday 18th June 2013 6:57

Luis Suarez: Hit the headlines

Luis Suarez: Hit the headlines

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Liverpool FanZoner Justin Collymore reflects on a 'rubbish' season at Anfield and believes Stewart Downing was the only name in the envelope.

It's the middle of June in a year that ends with an odd number. That means there is no World Cup or European Championships to look forward to.

The season has ended and all I can do it patiently twiddle my thumbs waiting for next season to start. It is usually times like this that I reflect on the past season and instantly with my beloved Liverpool, certain games, incidents and results spring to mind.

Season 2012/13 was rubbish, let's be fair. However there were a fair share of incidents.

Luis Suarez attempting to eat Branislav Ivanovic is probably the main one. Jamie Carragher saying bye-bye to the Kop is also up there along with a number of rubbish results including us being dumped out of both domestic cups. The Oldham game still hurts now. Sebastian Coates had what me and my friends would call: "A Weston Supermare".

Like the three seasons before it, last season was not very good. Especially for a team like us. We should be up there challenging for the title but instead we have finished below Everton twice in a row. We have not even managed to get into the Europa League, however I am not too upset about that as I hate playing on a Sunday all the time.

What I am really sick of is reading articles from Evertonians saying that the tide has turned. Finish below them again and they may have a point. Still, they probably need to try and win something. (When was their last trophy?)

Our biggest problem last season was consistency. We have a good game and then go and destroy all our good work in the next. Too many times this season it happened but it would be foolish to say such nonsense could not be predicted. Games against Aston Villa and West Brom instantly spring to mind. It is similar to a person going on a treadmill for half an hour and having a Snickers bar after - What is the point?

On a social level, it is so frustrating not being able to get involved in football related arguments with supporters of Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City. What really can I say in Liverpool's defence?

We finished seventh this season, did not win anything. Still, at least we have not gone eight years without a trophy (eh Arsenal).

I think this season was a lesson for Brendan Rodgers. He made some mistakes (I am not just talking about the TV program) and I feel he will have a better one next season. He will develop.

I don't think he should do the names in an envelope thing again though. Did he ever reveal what names he had in them? I have my suspicions who they were anyway. I believe they all contained the same name...starts with D and ends with G.



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