Leeds fans set for summer stress

Friday 21st June 2013 15:35

Leeds fans: Have had a hard time of it

Leeds fans: Have had a hard time of it

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Leeds FanZoner Steve Turner believes the club's owners must show ambition in the transfer market this summer to keep supporters on side.

A wise man once said that good things come to those who wait. It's a nice sentiment, but you'll notice that there's no mention of just how much waiting is involved.

At Leeds, waiting for good things has become the norm. Promises of better times have come and gone on an almost annual basis, all ending with the same result.

Every summer begins with the usual optimism, where all of the past transfer window disappointment we've suffered is forgotten as us fans foolishly get our hopes up over big name signings that always fail to materialise.

Those high hopes soon disappear for most, as worry and realism start to set in.

At this point the fan base tends to break in two. On one side, you have the patient fans that are always willing to allow a little extra time for the situation to change, and on the other are those who have no patience left. You can understand the reasoning in both camps.

It's an impossible situation for us all. Nothing we say or do can change the way our summer will unravel, it is beyond our control in every possible way, yet you can't help but think that the helpless feeling in the pit of your stomach is not shared by fans of other clubs. It's a feeling unique to following Leeds, though we wish it weren't.

Every transfer window seems to take the same route. Free signings, loans and displays of ambition poorer than the displays on the pitch. The same old defiant lines spun out from within the club as we fans try to galvanise ourselves into believing that we're in a better position than we truthfully are.

That, more than anything, is something that the club has taken advantage of for far too long.

The board, manager and players often speak of us as 'the best fans in the world' yet we're often made to feel like the most gullible. While the fans have got every faith in Brian McDermott as a manager, he is by no means a miracle worker, and if things don't change quickly a miracle will be the only hope.

The wave of euphoria that McDermott rode in on at the back end of last season covered up major cracks in a wasted season.

Before his appointment Leeds were plummeting towards the relegation zone, yet to date there has been no sign of the kind of squad rebuilding required to ensure the same fate does not await the club in the upcoming campaign.

With all due respect to Matt Smith, the missing link between Leeds being relegation candidates and serious contenders for promotion last season was not a giant striker.

Of course, there is still a long time to go until the season begins, but considering McDermott spoke out at the very start about how he wanted to get business done early, the lack of movement is starting to cause concern.

Last season, GFH were given time to make their impact. Everybody at the club understood, even if they weren't happy about it, that financially it made little sense to invest heavily in a season that was practically beyond Leeds from the very start, but that excuse ended the minute the final whistle blew on Leeds' campaign.

This summer, GFH are in the spotlight and there is nowhere to hide. Every decision, every worrying boardroom rumour and every missed transfer target falls firmly on their shoulders.

When they took over they ambitiously told us that they wanted to make sure we returned to the Premier League, and the time has come to put up. If they can back their early promises with a successful transfer window they will calm the nerves of a fanbase worried about the future of their club.

It isn't even worth contemplating what would happen if they don't.

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