Getting Gonzalo would galvanise Gunners

Monday 24th June 2013 12:35

Gonzalo Higuain: Would send a message of intent from Arsenal

Gonzalo Higuain: Would send a message of intent from Arsenal

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FanZone's JC hopes Arsenal sign Real Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuain this summer, saying he would boost the Gunners on and off the pitch.

For most summer is a period of picnics, sunshine and jetting off for that holiday you've spent the best part of 12 months saving up for. The boys, who have been slaving away in the gym for months in anticipation of this moment, dig out the seemingly timeless wife-beaters (the most insensitively named item of clothing ever?), the girls don their sundresses, and those of us who are particularly lucky hit the beach. Oh summer, isn't it grand?

Well, no, not really. I mean yes, the sunshine is great, and, largely, us football fans often experience the wider joys of summer in some form or another. But after the nail-biting, stomach-churning, heart-attack inducing, end-of-season run-in, it's just all a bit dull isn't it?

Of course, I am understating it. It's not simply 'dull', it is mind-numbingly so. If you take me for a hyperbolist, I'd point you to what you've found as so-called 'replacements'. Recently most of us would have been 'treated' to the Confederations Cup. The Confederations Cup? But, isn't that international football? Isn't that really dull? Isn't the standard (bar a handful of teams) comparatively poor? Yes, yes, and yes.

My hatred for international football is well documented, so I'll not get into it further here. Except to say that I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it when it's all the football that's on during the summer, I hate it even more when it's simply a FIFA money-scheme of a tournament, and I hate it most when it interrupts the season and injures our players. I hate it.

Other than that, the majority of our summer is spent partaking in the general ludicrousness of silly season. Rumour after rumour, and nonsense after nonsense, all fuelled by slimy agents, column fillers, and hit-seekers. Seeing as I am a blogger, I probably shouldn't be so hard on the hit-seekers. But sometimes they are just asking for it with some of their balderdash.

Anyways, now that my rant about not having serious Arsenal-related football to watch is over, let's turn to a transfer story that is slowly begin to show some substance.

I am, of course, referring to Gonzalo Higuain. After comments by his father turn agent, and reports emerging that Arsenal representatives are indeed 'in Spain', it seems within the realms of possibility that we are actually in some form of serious negotiations with Madrid for the player.

In my view, this would be a huge buy for Arsenal. Not only will it, almost definitely, break our transfer record, but it will be a signal of intent from the club. Arsenal have talked the talked about our new financial clout, but this would be a move that leaves all the doubters in our wake.

Higuain is a proven goalscorer, with some very impressive efficiency statistics. While I'm a fan of Olivier Giroud, in that I don't hate him for not being Robin van Persie or Thierry Henry (as a lot of fans seem to do), Higuain is the type of finisher that Arsenal lost in Eduardo on that painful day in 2009 - coincidentally the last time Arsenal ever really looked like winning the league.

Honestly, of all the strikers we have been linked with this summer, Higuain is the best option in my opinion.

While a few wonder goals and some badge kissing would probably have meant that my intense and almost innate hatred for Wayne Rooney would have slowly faded away had he signed for us, his poor discipline and bad attitude means he is very much a star on the wane (no pun intended).

Stevan Jovetic always seemed to me more of a supporting striker than an out-and-out goalscorer, while David Villa's best days are behind him. Christian Benteke would seem an obvious choice for some, but signing a player simply on the back of one good season is always risky business - maybe even foolish.

If Higuain does arrive, and it's still a huge IF, it will benefit Arsenal both on and off the pitch. Away from his goals and performances at leading the line, the signing of the Argentine will go some way to appeasing certain sections of Gooners fans who have questioned their loyalty to Arsene Wenger and the club in recent times.

It will also show the sort of ambition from the club that helps attract other top-class players. Needless to say, as great a signing as Higuain would seem, a striker cannot be the end of Arsenal's business this summer.

Of course all of this could be utter nonsense and Higuian's father simply wanted to mention another suitor to help in wage negotiations with Juventus, and we're really in Spain to sign a promising left-back from Osasuna B.

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