Anelka's class speaks for itself

Tuesday 9th July 2013 18:33

Nicolas Anelka: Won't be spending a lot of time on the bench

Nicolas Anelka: Won't be spending a lot of time on the bench

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West Brom FanZoner Alistair Jones thinks that the signing of Nicolas Anelka is great business by Steve Clarke.

I know some Albion fans have questioned the wisdom of us entering the Bosman market to sign a player like Anelka.

I understand their reservations, and in some respects we have been stung before. Looking back a long time ago, signings of the likes of Andy Townsend and Mike Phelan at the tail end of their careers didn't work out.

However, to me this feels different. Just looking at the comments of our first team squad upon the return to trainingthere seems to be a genuine excitement in their words.

Also, what this could do to help with selling our club to players on the continent should be taken into account. A young up and coming forward player looking to develop would surely be pleased to have a player of the calibre and experience of Anelka to work with every day, not to mention the current squad.

I honestly see this as a good piece of business by the club. What I was also pleased about was the way that Steve Clarke explained that he wanted to speak to Anelka one on one to assess his desire and hunger, rather than us selling the club to him. We are effectively paying roughly £2.5m for a player in total for a year, a player that has scored 120 Premier League goals.

Look at teams in the lower half of the league. Crystal Palace have paid £8m for a player who played non league 2 years ago and only has a handful of League appearances.

Swansea have just paid £13m for a forward from the Dutch League. Remember Alfonso Alves at Middlesbrough anyone?

I'm not saying they won't be a success for their club. They may well be, I'm just simply stating that surely this sort of signing is more of a gamble than ours.

Finally, I think the reputation of 'Le Sulk' seems to have stuck with him since he was at Arsenal 15 years ago. Everywhere else, there seems to have been very few problems. In fact, his professionalism has been highly praised.

I for one hope our new number 39 scores as many goals as his shirt number. Boing Boing!!!

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