Fans frustrated by transfers wait

Date published: Friday 26th July 2013 1:24

Anders Lindegaard: Joined West Brom from Manchester United


1. The feeling of being upset or annoyed because of inability to change or achieve something.

2. An event or circumstance that causes one to have such a feeling

Synonyms – Disappointment . Defeat.

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day.

The sentiment behind that statement is that it’s impossible to build great things overnight. Perfection takes time, effort and patience.

At Leeds, the fans have been patient. The summer has seen another pre-season arrive with as many twists and turns as the last, packed with confusing transfer rumours, ups and downs, and a seemingly obvious lack of financial clout – all mixed in with hope, expectancy, disappointment and realism.

The effort has been there, too – you can’t help but feel that Brian McDermott is building more than just a team. The family ethos has been his aim from the start, and at times throughout the summer it appeared that he had genuinely managed to bring every corner of the club together. The club felt united, for a short while.

Unfortunately, the momentum gained from spending a seven-figure fee on Luke Murphy appears to be running out. The patience of the fans is wearing thin once again, and the realism is setting in.

Time is of the essence and for Leeds, unfortunately, it is also running out.

At this point last year we were in a similar position. We’d stumbled our way through a transfer window by wheeling and dealing and were left with a squad that was probably too good to go down, but one that wasn’t going to be running away with the league either. While nobody expected much, the league was as open as it could have been.

Frustratingly, the same applies this season. The league is wide open for a team to take a few risks and make a serious go of a promotion challenge, and once again we’re restricted to watching and wondering.

To their credit, GFH have made positive strides off the pitch; the club appears to be being run properly for the first time in decades, but they will still face some criticism for the lack of action in the transfer market.

To a degree, their hands are tied. Nobody wants a club top heavy on players.

The one-out, one-in policy that McDermott has mentioned makes sense to everyone at the club – nobody understands the consequences of living beyond your means more than Leeds fans – but that does little to ease the disappointment of facing what could well be another fruitless season.

Promotion to the Premier League is worth millions to any club, but to Leeds and GFH it would be worth more than just prize money.

Leeds United is a big name in football – we’ve seen already that well-known brands are now happy to affiliate themselves with the club, and a Premier League Leeds United would attract investors on a much larger scale.

The pot of gold is there, the issue we now have is how hard we chase it. On one hand, we need to remain in control and not get carried away with impossible dreams, but on the other, a well-calculated gamble could be the only difference between promotion and another season of quiet existence.

The next few weeks will define our entire season. If we take a chance we could be one of the teams that seizes the opportunity, if not, we’ll be left with little choice but to sit back and hope that the squads team spirit is enough.

“If you are going to be a champion, you must be willing to pay a greater price.”

Over to you GFH.


1. Supreme victor in contest: somebody who competes in and wins a contest, competition, or tournament, either alone or as a member of a team.

Synonyms: Winner. Victor. Title Holder.

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