Leeds fans dreaming of a white Xmas

Tuesday 26th November 2013 19:03

Brian McDermott: His teams are well known to start slowly and finish strongly

Brian McDermott: His teams are well known to start slowly and finish strongly

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Leeds FanZoner Steve Turner is feeling positive ahead of the rest of the campaign, with the Whites up to sixth in the Championship.

It's not every day I get to write one of these while we're sitting pretty in the play-off positions, I normally just ramble on about how nice being in contention for promotion sounds before going over the latest controversy at the club, while I'm busy slamming back to reality.

But there we are, sixth, and looking good for it.

There's an air of positivity around the place at the moment, and while that isn't a particularly new phenomenon given that we're a fairly hopeful bunch, you can't help but notice that it feels a little different this time around.

At the risk of being a jinx and causing a catastrophic lack of form I'm not going to go overboard with the promotion talk, though the odd little daydream shouldn't hurt.

The problem with this season has been inconsistency, and after a defeat or two it can feel like we're drifting away from 'the pack' and that we're destined for another mid-table finish. What we often fail to realise is that almost every other team in the division has been similarly inconsistent, if not more so.

Proof of this isn't hard to find, the mere fact that we've lost five of our last ten games yet find ourselves moving up the table says it all. Look a little higher and you'll find Nottingham Forest, who've won only three of their last ten, then in fourth there's Blackpool, who've managed just two wins in the same amount of time.

The table doesn't lie, as it stands we're the sixth best team in the division and we're showing no signs of stopping there. McDermott's teams are well known to start slowly and finish strongly, which is a scarily exciting thought given that we're already in contention for promotion.

For once, things are looking up for the club without the feeling of anxiety eating away at the optimism inside - this time you just feel like there aren't any hidden nasty surprises to come. The entire feel of the club is different now, you look at Ross McCormack and feel confident that he'll still be here at the end of January, rather than sold off to mask the club's debt. You look at Brian McDermott and know he's got what it takes to create something legendary here, and for the first time in a long time, you look at the owners and feel like the club, our club, is finally in safe hands.

GFH deserve massive credit for the last year, the club was on its knees when they took over and now it's thriving the way we all knew it could. Whether they're around for the long haul or moving on in the near future they've already created more of a legacy at Elland Road than Ken Bates managed in seven years. The club feels almost like a family again.

Have a quick look at the league table and take a moment to appreciate just how far we've come, and don't be scared of the peculiar feeling that accompanies it.

It's pride, and you might as well get used to it.

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