Posh won't hurt Wolves push

Monday 2nd December 2013 22:44

Kenny Jackett: Needs to be looking to strengthen his attack

Kenny Jackett: Needs to be looking to strengthen his attack

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FanZoner Karl Sears reflects on a disappointing trip to Peterborough but retains the belief that Wolves are heading in the right direction.

The trip to Peterborough was quick and easy, buoyed by the excitement of visiting a new ground and the optimism of taking three points from it.

The trip home, though, was long and arduous weighed down by a disheartening defeat and late buses.

I must note that, while standing in the London Road away end, I realised that years of attending Molineux had spoiled me when it comes to football stadia. I'm used to roomy gangways, refreshments in-stand and reasonably comfortable seats.

Peterborough offered me hardwood seats that were designed for slender people who are no taller than average.

But let's move past my observations of London Road's 3:00pm accommodation, and let's look at the game, or lack thereof.

I don't remember ever watching a game so short of action and snippets for the highlight reel.

The official word from Molineux was that we dominated the game, but were let down by our attacking play. Well, they're half right - out attacking play was pretty dreadful.

Every match that I've attended this season has ended with three more points added to our tally and our attacking play was never a concern. So when I hear people say that we needed a new striker, I have not been convinced. After all, we have Leigh Griffiths, Kevin Doyle, Bjorn Sigurdarson and whatever highly-rated academy graduate that gets thrown in to the mix.

On paper it's a formidable front-line. But after seeing the weekend's display I can conclude to anyone who is still in doubt: we do need a new striker.

Griffiths, for all his predatory instincts, has his limitations and Doyle's lacklustre goal-scoring record is well documented.

There was a moment towards the end of the game where we could have scraped a draw. Jake Cassidy did well to outmuscle his defender and break in to the box. A confident striker would have taken a touch, steadied himself, then shot at goal; a striker short on self-belief would keep his head down and aimlessly put the ball across the box. The poor lad did the latter and blew our final chance at taking a point.

Cassidy keeps being given a chance, and that's good. In theory this is a perfect season to blood a young striker, there will be times this season when we're comfortable in games and the odd missed chance won't signal the end of the world. But come now, Jake, time for a goal.

I'm still pondering whether or not we played well. Did we?

Probably not, but then nor did Peterborough.

For 90 minutes I watched two good League One sides simply cancel each other out. Neither goalkeeper was really troubled, there were very few shots on target and the game was played almost exclusively in midfield. The only shot that threatened Carl Ikeme's goal was the late winner. We weren't beaten by the better team, we were beaten a decent free-kick.

I was satisfied with our Kevin McDonald/David Edwards midfield pairing - they both covered a lot of ground and won a lot of ball but unfortunately aided little going forward.

While I was content with the middle of the park, threatening wing play was a minimum. Bakary Sako and Michael Jacobs never got in to the game and there was no support going forward from the wing-backs. So I thought to myself 'This pitch looks narrower than Molineux. I'm sure that's a significant determining factor'. But after a little research I can tell you that it's not narrower, in fact it's slightly bigger.

But perspective is a fine thing, and we shouldn't lose it. The chasing pack caught up, but we're still six points ahead of third. We played poorly, but we weren't outplayed. We lost, but it's our first away defeat of the season. We'll still go up - the only frustration is that we have a two-week wait to put things right.

By Karl Sears, FanZone's Wolves blogger. Don't forget to follow @FanZone on Twitter



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