GFH silence sums up shambolic reign

Date published: Friday 28th March 2014 4:37

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Whether you’re Cellino or Farnan, HP Sauce or Ketchup, Oasis or Blur, there’s one thing every Leeds fan will agree on: the sooner GFH are kicked to touch, the better.

In recent weeks more skeletons have emerged from GFH’s closet than goals we’ve conceded – and that’s a lot.

More are surely set to follow, with the dire financial mismanagement at Leeds taking centre stage above all else once more, and a solution that will benefit the club, rather than its current owners – whoever they may be – looking more unlikely by the day.

This isn’t a time for gruelling debates on who is best to run Leeds United in the future, but a time to focus on what’s happening at present, and what GFH are doing to our club.

They’ve deceived, lied, and tricked their way into fans’ good books, offering incentives for bigger crowds, promising to buy Elland Road and setting a return to the Premier League as a realistic target whilst failing to support the manager, attempting to sell the Championship’s top goal scorer and accruing potentially colossal debts by allegedly charging the club for their own advice, legal fees and expensive PR.

Keen to keep beleaguered fans on side, members of the investment bank have been engaging in some PR of their own, with certain supporters claiming to have received Twitter direct messages with all sorts of content ranging from asking about which players to sign to instructing fans to conduct research for season ticket prices on their behalf.

GFH have always been interested in engaging with the fans, but it’s not for the benefit of those fans; the only party this communication benefits is GFH. They’ve selected fans with an influence, who have a readership, and who can change the view of the masses so they’re all singing the same tune, and it’s a song that GFH picks – nobody else.

They exploited the anger fans felt towards GFH’s predecessor for his lack of communication and used it to control what was heard, always keen to spread the good news and to cover up the bad.

Last week Managing Director David Haigh, assured supporters via his Twitter page that rumours of the club entering administration the second time in less than a decade were “absolute nonsense”.

Yet on Thursday when the Bahraini bank was asked about rumours they had taken advice about putting the club into administration, a spokesman refused to comment.

There’s a stark contrast between those replies from senior members of Leeds United’s board, and it highlights a problem the fans have had for a while regarding GFH and their reluctance to talk when they’re in the spotlight.

They don’t mind talking on their terms, when they’re pumping out the PR to eager fans or they have a mere ounce of good news to share, but when the realisation of yet more shady antics from them come to light it’s radio silence – and Brian McDermott, who hasn’t been paid this month, is left to pick up the pieces and face the media’s relentless questioning.

As more supporters wake up to GFH and share their stories the more the feeling of resentment grows for the bank, with talk of protests before Saturday’s game against Doncaster rife across social media.

Their eagerness to distance themselves from Uncle Ken was merely a tactic of manipulation, because in reality what they’ve done is worse.

They came in expecting to make a quick buck – which hasn’t gone to plan – before gambling the club’s future on a fiery Italian who they knew was likely to fail the Football League’s test.

Other parties have been interested and were ready to make a sensible offer but were blocked by GFH who would rather risk the club entering financial meltdown on the off chance they get a suitable deal.

The prospect of administration is looking more and more certain with neither GFH nor Cellino willing to fund the day to day running of the club, and as expected, majority creditors GFH or one of their associates could emerge from administration owning the club with significantly lower debts to sell on for a better price, or worse – keep.

Leeds United supporters have been saying for months that GFH don’t know what they’re doing, but is it beyond the realms of possibility that they know only too well?

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