Getting to know: Patrick Agyemang

Wednesday 31st July 2013 18:42

Patrick Agyemang: Portsmouth favourite

Patrick Agyemang: Portsmouth favourite

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Portsmouth FanZoner James Shipp reveals his 20 incredible facts about Pompey striker Patrick Agyemang.

Patrick Agyemang is a 32-year-old footballer who gives Portsmouth fans the honour of seeing him play week-in, week-out as a powerhouse of a front-man.

These are facts.

But there are some things you don't know about the forward. 20 incredible things.

1 - Agyemang was born 14st 6lbs, of pure muscle.

2 - Agyemang doesn't go to the dentist, the dentist comes to him.

3 - Sir Patrick Stewart was named after the assumption Agyemang would one day be born.

4 - For 35 minutes each day, Agyemang oils his magnificent pectorials thoroughly.

5 - Agyemang showers alone, for fears of embarrassing his team-mates.

6 - Agyemang's perfect facial hair is groomed every three hours.

7 - Sinitta's 1985 smash hit 'So Macho' was written about Agyemang.

8 - It's club rules for every squad player to have a framed picture of Agyemang next to their bed, which they must kiss nightly before bed.

9 - Agyemang can turn his head 360 degrees.

10 - Agyemang was Keyser Soze.

11 - Agyemang can bench press the entire academy squad and their micro scooters.

12 - Agyemang has never paid for a drink in his life.

13 - Agyemang created the phrase, "where's the party at?"

14 - Jay Z dropped the hyphen from his name because Agyemang told him to.

15 - The film 'Project X' was based on Agyemang's 13th birthday party.

16 - Agyemang can crack a hard boiled egg by breathing on it.

17 - In his spare time, Agyemang solves crime in an abandoned bus.

18 - The iPod was Agyemang's idea.

19 - Agyemang has 207 bones in his body.

20 - Agyemang enjoys the music of Brian McFadden.

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