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Tuesday 15th March 2011 13:32

Boothroyd: Treated too well if anything!

Boothroyd: Treated too well if anything!

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Angela Freel is reduced to the lowest form of wit as she vents her dismay at the board and owners of Coventry City.

No first aid for Boothroyd

On Monday morning we saw the departure of Aidy Boothroyd as he was relieved of his duties from CCFC. The news follows a comical few weeks at the Ricoh and I'm not talking about the football. On behalf of many Coventry fans I would personally like to apologise to SISU and the board who have come under fire since the sacking and a series of other unfortunate incidents.

As you are dynamic and innovative Business men, it's regretful that fans despair at your current decision to sack a perfectly good Manager who you provided with little support and next to no resources. Undoubtedly managers should just be able to get Laurel and Hardy promoted, who needs Taarabt and Helguson? Asking you to please put us up for sale is just frightfully ungrateful.

It is furthermore not an insignificant fans place to question the viability of such a business decision by implying that it is a bad move to pay money out for two sacked managers when we already have no money to buy players. They really shouldn't dispute your professional intellect.

It has further surpassed my wildest expectations that our troublesome fans can possibly challenge your choice and lack of communication. After new board member Leonard Brody began communicating with fans via social networking sites, it was upsetting to see that Brody's tweet declaring that Ranson decided to let Thomas leave was misinterpreted.

Clearly the fans are not intelligent enough to read something as it as was intended and to suggest that Brody didn't think before he spoke is ludicrous. Insinuating that the board are missing vertebrae because they refuse to hold press conferences is also uncalled for, I mean why should they communicate with us mere mortals? It is obvious that the flaw here lies with myself and others (including my 84 year old, Diamond Club Member Nan) in that we don't have a twitter accounts to read your communications. To suggest that successful businessmen like you have not been able to master the art of communication is a totally unfounded argument.

I further apologise that our wretched fans are unhappy with your choice of selling Dann and Fox, failing to get our best players to extend their contracts and then letting Thomas go. To believe that it is wrong to go against the advice of the only football knowledgeable member of the board is certainly daft.


It is also a fan's responsibility to curb their fears for next season without Westwood, Gunnarsson, King, our manager, investment and the emanating atmosphere at the Ricoh with smaller crowds. We owe it to SISU to have faith in them and swallow every rare word they do say.

I feel I should break down Good Business Sense a bit more simply: FANS = CUSTOMERS; CUSTOMERS = MONEY; MONEY = GOOD FOR BUSINESS but fans you're still not that important that you need to be communicated with. To suggest that fans are really the most important thing within a club is just undermining SISU's greatness. As fans, we should sit quietly and not concern ourselves with matters beyond our comprehension.

Referring to SISU as parasitic asset strippers also takes the biscuit. It is not their fault that they didn't have a plan passed their initial investment. Had Boothroyd been able to transform a mediocre Championship club into a high flying one with no support then we would be on the road for promotion by now and money would instantly follow.

Next up will come the search for Aidy's replacement. There is no reason why we would not have a good reputation amongst potential managers and players. They will surely not be concerned with what happens to people that are 'sent to Coventry'. I doubt word of mouth is that important that they will struggle to lure our next victims in. What players or Managers could refuse such a tempting offer of being promised the world and then given nothing apart from a slice of poison pie?

All fans should obviously be grateful of the arrival of SISU despite the fact that they have ensured we are continuing to be a selling club, clearly didn't have a proper investment plan in place when they arrived and have now just topped it all off by sacking a perfectly good (and in fact my favourite) manager who has been where we want to be. Not even Alex Ferguson could do it at Coventry with no money.

Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit but somehow on this occasion, it just seemed fitting. Time for the comedy show to end SISU - I hope to see you relieve yourself of your duties.



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