City need saving

Date published: Wednesday 4th January 2012 7:47

Sky Blues must stay united

After half a season watching the demise of Andy Thorn’s team, Santa failed to deliver thousands of Sky Blues fans wish by ridding Coventry City of their naive owners SISU. Despite looking destined for League One football next year, Andy Thorn managed to get his failing team to put in some decent performances and gain 6 points from 9 over the festive period, giving us a glimmer of hope that we can fight back.

Also busy over this new year period is operation ‘Save our City’. Credit to some CCFC fans who are well underway trying to drum up support for a 15 minute boycott at the beginning of City’s FA cup game against Southampton on Saturday.

Tweeting away to footballers, ex-footballers, the media and fans alike, ‘Save Our City’ are trying to draw attention to the failings of SISU in the hope that they will give up the fight of owning our club.

Fans seem split over the actions of ‘Save Our City’ but I fully support the campaign. Some argue that the FA Cup brings in much needed revenue and the team needs our support. To be honest, that kind of money is really just a drop in the ocean of a large debt we already have and losses we already make. I don’t believe it will make any difference to our desperate club whether we stay in the FA Cup or not, although I would rather we did.

It is unlikely with all our battles that we are going to last to the latter stages of the competition and we do need to concentrate on the league and our fight to stay a Championship side. So if we do get knocked out it may be a blessing in disguise.


Some fans are also reluctant to force out our current owners when nobody is set to takeover and believe that if SISU leave, we will be stuck also fighting an administration battle. We don’t know what is going to happen and we don’t know how close or suitable the Hoffman consortium is.

What I do believe though is that the outcome of whether we are going to survive or go into administration is not going to be because of one 15 minute boycott. What will be will be regardless of what happens this week but the important thing is that we don’t keep quiet and just accept this dross.

‘Save Our City’ are doing all they can to deter trouble from the protest and to ensure that those who decide not to join in are respected. Whatever your views, we all want a thriving football club.

Nobody is going to agree on the best way to achieve that and what as fans we should do but what we can agree on is that we all care about our club. Don’t let SISU drive a wedge between the fans just because we disagree on the best way forward. We need to show more than ever that we are a united front despite our beliefs and our actions on Saturday.

PU Hoff, PUSB! We believe in you and support you, our city and our club.

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