An open letter to Nigel

Saturday 19th January 2013 14:22

Adkins: deserved so much better

Adkins: deserved so much better

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Southampton FanZoner Ben Stanfield is bitterly disappointed in the way the club treated Nigel Adkins.

Axed Southampton manager has been badly let down

Nigel. What have we done? We've taken the best damn manager my club has had in 30 years of supporting them and stabbed him in the back! For his three years of hard work, endeavour, charm and positivity we have in return shown a complete lack of loyalty, class and commitment.

I'll miss you Nigel. I really will! We all will! I'll miss your smile and your total belief in delivering success to my team and my club.

I'll miss your ability to face the harshest of critics or media vultures and pull out a positive cliché the likes of which they've never seen, or heard, before. Those "Adkinism's" that Saints fans used to thrive on, analyse and then try and find the deep meaning within them. "Sun-Tzu", "being on the bus", "together as one" and the more recent "growing maturity".

All of them. I'll miss them Nigel. No-one says them like you do. If they do then they certainly don't mean, or believe in them, like you do. But its OK Nigel. You can walk away with your reputation intact. You've been let down. Badly. Disgracefully!

You will be better for this. Stronger for this. I know you will. You can walk away from Southampton football club knowing that every minute of every day you've given 100% for this club. Andy Crosby as well. We couldn't have asked any more of you both Nigel. None of us could.

Of course you'd occasionally leave Rickie on the bench a few times. I know that was to keep us all on the edge of our seats and cause some of us to doubt your ability to manage our Club, even after back-to-back promotions. You tease Nigel, you tease!

But do you know what Nigel, you can walk away from Southampton knowing that you have the complete and utter support of 99.99% of Saints fans around the world. Your CV has been improved whilst you've been here. Back-to-back promotions, wow! Not many Saints managers in our 127 year history can say that can they? You can Nigel. You can say that!


You will find another position. A position where your chairman believes in you and who will support you each and every day. Just like at Scunthorpe you'll find a club where absolutely everyone is inspired by you and pushes on each day just because of the positivity and belief you portray in them all - whether it's the kit man, the coach driver, the player or the fan. You know you've got that in you and you'll never lose that Nigel.

All I can say is thanks for the memories Nigel. That fantastic come back against MK Dons when "Jono Quick" was our saviour, the away day at Plymouth when we got back into the Championship. The amazing finish at Millwall when Rickie scored those two penalties in the last 5 minutes (lucky he wasn't on the bench that day, eh, you tease!), the Coventry game last season and victory to secure promotion back to the promised land of the Premier League. Finally what a way to go out, a 2-2 draw at the home of the European Champions that felt like a win to all of us! Wow, what a three years it's been.

Sadly it's been ended in disgraceful circumstances. But don't shed a tear Nigel. Don't feel that you've done anything wrong. You haven't. You haven't caused this. You've done everything you can and I can't thank you enough for that.

I wish you all the success with the rest of your career. You deserve success. Most of all you deserve loyalty and support from your employers. It's a shame we couldn't offer you that. You damn well deserved it Nigel. Your future was here at this football club. For a long time... at least it should have been.

Thanks for helping the Saints "go marching in" Nigel. I'll never forget you and what you've done for my club. Together as one, eh mate!

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