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Friday 7th January 2011 13:18

Adams: Big Impact

Adams: Big Impact

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Port Vale FanZoner Lauren Watson mourns the loss of manager Micky Adams.

No hard feelings to Adams

I've just about got over the ordeal of Micky Adams being snatched away from us to go to Sheffield United. The sleepless nights, days spent glued to Sky Sports News and checking the latest odds are now a distant memory.

I'd cushioned the blow by telling myself he was on his way out as soon as speculation broke but it still doesn't prepare you for that final punch.

His departure has divided opinion amongst Vale fans, is he a traitor and has he jumped ship at the most important time of our promotion campaign?

Has he used us as a stepping stone or has he just done the human thing and followed his heart and the chance to take charge of his hometown club.

I for one don't begrudge him, how could you? He was always destined for bigger and brighter clubs than Port Vale and from the very beginning of his 18 month reign in Burslem stated that the only job that would see him leave would be that one at Bramall Lane.

It's been a fabulous eighteen months under his control. He brought pride and passion to a set of players who were in desperate need of a leader and direction as well as adding his own signings to give us the best possible fighting chance.


He gave the fans their club back, one we've proud to support and certainly raised our profile in the national media to show that Port Vale are no walkover. We've come from relegation favourites to promotion hopefuls and it's all down to his hard work.

He's turned us into one of, if not THE fittest side in League Two although I'm not sure the playing squad were too happy with that when on the first training session he took charge he had them running up and down the hills of a local park for fun.

He's provided us with many memorable moments in cup competitions, trips to Sheffield United, QPR and Fulham to name but a few. While in the league we've notched up wins over Notts County, Chesterfield and Shrewsbury.

If he's used us then that's fine by me, eighteen months of Adams has been better than eighteen without him that's for sure. It's been a tremendous love affair and one that could have only ended in tears. Thank you Micky, you've been one of the best we've had.