Frustrating Saints need consistency

Tuesday 2nd April 2013 8:11

Mauricio Pochettino: 'Done great things'

Mauricio Pochettino: 'Done great things'

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Southampton FanZoner Olly Chanot is perplexed as to how the Saints can beat the big boys, but slip-up against the so-called inferior teams.

Not many teams can say they have beaten Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea at home this year, but when it comes to teams that we should beat, we fail to meet the grade.

I have followed Southampton all my life with so many ups and downs, and this year has just been the same. From winning 3-1 at home against Man City, our next home game we lost 2-1 to QPR - sure they are hitting some good form but it was still a bitterly disappointed result for everyone in Southampton.

The last time we defeated someone in the bottom half of the table, it was at Villa Park, where we were given a controversial penalty and we went home with the three points. In March, we got two wins, against Chelsea and Liverpool, and both games we were expected to lose by some margin, but when it came to playing QPR and Norwich, we could only get one point from both games.

We are playing some excellent football right now, probably better than anyone in a similar position in the table. We play high up the field, put pressure on the rivals, pass the ball around well, but some games, we just can't get things right.

For Premier League survival we need consistency, sure we are going to lose games we should win, and win some that we would have been expected to lose, but if we can only take points off the teams above us, we will struggle with the threat of relegation.

I am confident that we can stay up. The reason being, we have everything that a Premier League team could need, great fans, great stadium some quality players, but what we really need to do is find a way to play the way we can, no matter who we are playing. Mauricio Pochettino has done great things from when he started, maybe not speaking English, but his philosophy of football is what makes this sport so great, but maybe we need a plan B for when it doesn't work.

In the sunny month of April, I would like to think we can win three out of four games, if we do, then yes we can stay up. If we struggle to win these games, then it will give every fan something to worry about - as time is running out - but if we play how we can, then time will run out on someone else.



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