Mackay must be smart in market

Monday 17th June 2013 8:15

Malky Mackay: Will need to be smart in this summer's transfer market

Malky Mackay: Will need to be smart in this summer's transfer market

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Cardiff FanZoner Ivor Castle says manager Malky Mackay will need to use all his powers of persuasion in the transfer market this summer.

It's been a quiet week. There have been plenty of rumours of potential signings but nothing concrete or even sounding close to a transfer deal. It's a sign of the times.

Right now all the best and available players will have multiple teams chasing them. That means Cardiff City along with fellow Premier League new boys Hull City and Crystal Palace are not the most tempting of destinations.

Teams who struggled last year, such as Sunderland, Aston Villa, Southampton and Norwich all look safer destinations. Then you have the mid-table type teams of Newcastle, West Ham, Fulham, Stoke, West Brom and Swansea all looking to strengthen from the same talent pool.

All the teams in the Premier League appear to be better placed to trump the promoted trio on the transfer front. The only good news is they can't buy everyone.

Given a choice it would seem likely any Premier League new-boy from foreign lands, such as Bafetimbi Gomis of Lyon, or players from lower divisions in England like Blackpool's Tom Ince, would look past the three new arrivals.

The question is how do Cardiff bolster their team and make it survive? Obviously if you can outbid the other teams on the transfer market you have a fair chance. Yet you also have to match the player's desires and you may hook the merely mercenary player. Not necessarily a good move.

There will naturally be the usual exchange of players between Premier League teams. Most of these will be solid and unspectacular players like Newcastle's Mike Williamson or failed strikers like Kenwyne Jones of Stoke City.

Cardiff City boss Malky Mackay has talked openly about value for money and not paying over the market price for a player. Yet he has also shown faith in his own judgment and that of his recruiting department by paying fairly stiff Championship level prices for otherwise unheard of players. Kim Bo-Kyung at £2.5million and Etien Velikonja at £1.5million spring to mind.

The South Korean international has blossomed and looks a fine signing with Premier League potential. The Serb sadly, has lingered for too long in the club's developmental squad.

Mackay will probably need to unearth three or four of these types of players and have faith in two or three of them coming through at Premier League level.

Mackay's other ace will be to out-recruit, out-persuade, out-perform and simply out sell the other managers around the negotiating table. I'm not talking about financial negotiations but expounding on the reasons why Cardiff City would be the right destination for an up-and-coming starlet or the last, final high-level move for an experienced campaigner.

There will be many more rumours ahead and the manager will have his toughest pre-season ever trying to complete deals.

The anticipated £25million transfer kitty might be more difficult to spend than you might think.

How successful Mackay is in the next three months will go a long way to determining the course of the Bluebirds' historic season ahead.



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