Suarez is worth the risk for Arsenal

Thursday 25th July 2013 12:54

Luis Suarez: Liverpool striker wanted by Arsenal

Luis Suarez: Liverpool striker wanted by Arsenal

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Arsenal FanZone blogger JC believes Arsene Wenger should do whatever it takes to sign Liverpool striker Luis Suarez this summer.

Arsenal must have one of the most polarised fan bases of all clubs at the moment.

From the owner, the board, and the financial strategy, to the manager and Olivier Giroud, Arsenal fans just about disagree on everything.

Not that a disagreement is rare amongst other clubs' fans, it just seems that lately us Gooners are struggling to find some form of middle ground. A quick meander around the comment sections of various Arsenal blogs would provide a glimpse of the divide that is beginning to turn rather hostile.

If you are 'Pro-Wenger', those in the opposing camp deem you a raving lunatic who simply wishes to watch Arsenal burn to the ground. While, if you are in favour of an Alisher Usmanov takeover, you are clearly a heretic who should be sacrificed at an altar to the Hill-Wood family.

Perhaps it is the drought. The heat can make people do and say some pretty crazy things, so a lack of trophies causing a certain amount of delirium amongst Gooners shouldn't come as too much of a surprise.

Of course, that is ignoring the fact that whenever we Gooners complain about not having won anything for eight years we often sound like a spoilt child throwing his toys around because Daddy didn't buy him that new action figure that he so desperately wanted. But this is another debate for another day.

The topic that seems to be causing the most immediate polarisation at the moment is that of Luis Suarez.

With David Villa choosing to stay in Spain, Stevan Jovetic signing for Manchester City, Christian Benteke extending his contract at Aston Villa, Wayne Rooney's preferred destination seemingly being Chelsea, and Gonzalo Higuain agreeing a move to Napoli, our summer pursuit of a top striker really does boil down to the Uruguayan.

While many will bemoan what was portrayed in the press as Arsenal cocking up the Higuain deal, the truth of why the transfer that seemed to be sorted a few weeks never materialised is not known.

Perhaps it was Madrid's asking price, or perhaps Arsene Wenger decided he really would prefer Suarez. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. All the speculation really doesn't get us anywhere. He's signed for Napoli now, so we best just get on with it.

What no Arsenal fan, or anyone really, would disagree with is that Suarez is a bloody good footballer. That's plain and obvious to anyone who's ever watched him. He would add a lot to the Arsenal frontline, not just the seemingly guaranteed goals that he would bring.

The question is whether it is all worth it. Racism, cannibalism (yes, this is hyperbole), the almost soap-opera styled baggage that comes with him doesn't need to be clarified any more. Anyone who expects he'll come to us and suddenly turn into Mr Discipline is, frankly, kidding themselves. We all know what we would get.

The question is whether it is all worth it. Is it worth the likely £50million w''ll have to end up paying? Are the goals worth all the drama? Is it all worth it, even though in two or three years he may try to engineer a move away from us (as he has done with Groningen, Ajax, and now Liverpool)? Is it all really worth it?

To those who think 'yes', those who think 'no' are clearly not true Arsenal fans and don't want to see this club succeed. On the other hand, those who think 'no' accuse the others of some rather rapid revisionism.

After all, I don't remember too many Gooners jumping to Suarez's defence after he racially abused Patrice Evra or when he took a bite of Branislav Ivanovic. But now it's suddenly 'not that big a deal'.

Honestly, I think Arsenal fans being hostile towards each other is about as useful as when those attending home games decide to boo the team or certain players. By that I mean it isn't at all useful. It just creates a not very pleasant atmosphere for all those involved.

I probably would have preferred Higuain or Jovetic. But they're gone now so there's really no point ranting and raving about how the club should have 'done more'. We have no idea why Arsenal's pursuit of some players ends unsuccessfully, and frankly I refuse to believe the ever-elusive 'source close to the player/club' who seems to have the low-down on just about everything going through everyone's minds.

At this conjure Suarez is by a country mile the best option in front of us. If Wenger signed some German schoolboy, there may well be some form of virtual riot on blog forums. Think of the carnage.

So, to conclude, is Suarez worth it? I have no idea. Maybe. Possibly. One can never truly know. We've seen plenty of seemingly sensible signing go balls-up before. Transfer are always a bit of a gamble. Only time will tell.

Okay, I won't cop out. Is Suarez worth it? When United bought Van Persie from us, I asked a United fan I knew whether he thought the Dutchman, an injury prone player with only a year remaining on his contract, was worth the 25 or so million they had paid us. He simply looked me in the eyes and replied "How much is the title worth?"

Now I'm not saying that Suarez will catapult us to the championship like Van Persie did for them this season. But he'd certainly help us get a whole lot closer. A couple of other signings, and who's to say what will happen.

For all the promise that this transfer window opened with, little (Yaya Sanogo) has been done so far to justify that early optimism felt by most Gooners. But that too is in the past. Arsenal should sign Suarez now, and not hesitate with adding a couple more names.

Whether it was all worth it can only truly be judged come next May. No matter what your personal opinions are about the seemingly countless issues that are dividing us Gooners at the moment, one thing can be agreed on, we all want Arsenal to win.

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