Suarez owes nothing to Liverpool

Friday 26th July 2013 9:12

Luis Suarez: Could soon wave goodbye to Liverpool

Luis Suarez: Could soon wave goodbye to Liverpool

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Arsenal FanZoner Harry Moylan insists Luis Suarez owes nothing to Liverpool as he looks increasingly likely to leave Anfield this summer.

There are a number of myths surrounding the Luis Suarez to Arsenal transfer saga that I would like to clear up.

For a start, there is an ongoing theme of "loyalty" is being bandied about by Brendan Rodgers and Ian Ayre.

People hold loyalty in too high regard in relation to football - a certain number of players pride themselves on being a 'one-club man', and a certain level of respect is due to those with such staying power in their connection to one club, but with Luis Suarez, this is simply not the case.

Suarez arrived at Liverpool in January 2011 and has given the Reds two and a half years of solid service. He obviously has an extraordinarily high talent with a goal record for Liverpool, previous club Ajax and his national team Uruguay reflective of this.

However Suarez is now 26 years of age, and the footballer's career is short. He's entering his peak striking years, and in his three seasons with Liverpool they finished sixth, eighth and seventh. Within the same time frame, Arsenal finished fourth, third and fourth.

Granted, he has won a Carling Cup at Liverpool, but if he has a real interest in winning the league and other major trophies, the simple truth is that he has to move club.

Based on recent league finishes and watching the two teams over the last few years, it's obvious that Arsenal stand a much better chance than Liverpool of helping Suarez realise his ambitions.

Contrary to what some misplaced optimism suggests, Liverpool have not spent that wisely this summer. Ageing Kolo Toure, Barcelona reject Luis Alberto and new goalkeeper Simon Mignolet (no matter how talented) have not closed the gap on the squads of those teams that finished above the Reds last season.

The jury remains out on Iago Aspas, but if pre-season is any judge, he appears to be their most promising signing.

Arsenal and Everton are arguably the only sides on whom Liverpool have made ground - and if Arsenal signs Suarez, you can remove them from this list. Perhaps all that money might have been better spent on signing a long-term replacement for the 33-year-old Steven Gerrard. Liverpool's inability to even hold talks with Henrikh Mkhitaryan signals their current standing in the hierarchy of European football.

The notion that Suarez owes something to Liverpool is completely ludicrous. He's earned his wages (by footballer standards) and carried the team through so many games.

Liverpool keep highlighting how they stuck by him through his various unsavoury incidents, but if we're all drinking from the same cup of honesty - they only did that because of how valuable he is to them.

If Stewart Downing racially abused Patrice Evra and bit Branislav Ivanovic, do you reckon the players would still be wearing SD19 t-shirts and chanting "you'll never walk alone?" No, he'd be given a one-way ticket to West Ham.

And why did the King of Hypocrisy, Brendan Rodgers, move to Liverpool from Swansea? Because Liverpool is a bigger club, that's why. Before Liverpool came knocking, how long did he stay at Swansea? Two years.

Suarez is already six months' more loyal than the part-time David Brent impersonator.

So, in conclusion, can we please just accept that loyalty in football is fictional? If this deal does go through, Liverpool will potentially pocket a cool £40million to £50million and providing they don't do another Andy Carroll, and prematurely shoot their wad of cash at the next young English striker who scores a couple of goals, they may even come out the other side as a better and more united team.

If he moves, Suarez will go to Arsenal because Arsenal is really the only option for him; I think we all know that if Real Madrid were calling, Suarez wouldn't be so hot on joining the Emirates whacky tobaccy smoke up.

But hey, for some with an eye to future prospects, it's got to be about business and who can blame them? While Arsenal see a 30+ goal season, Suarez is probably looking to a stepping stone to greater successes and tales of valour to tell his grandchildren when he's installed in comfortable retirement in South America - chomping down on his latest victim with his newly installed false teeth, or whatever else he may like to do with his time.

Actually that's not true, he'll probably live out his golden years in a mansion. I hate professional footballers....

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