Young Gunner needs to focus

Wednesday 28th August 2013 9:26

Jack Wilshere: Must concentrate on playing, says Moylan

Jack Wilshere: Must concentrate on playing, says Moylan

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Arsenal FanZoner Harry Moylan says Jack Wilshere needs to concentrate on making his mark on the club and do his talking on the pitch.

Wilshere's recent comments regarding Arsene Wenger and Arsenal are most interesting. Wilshere claims that were Wenger to be removed as manager, he would have to consider his future at Arsenal too. To steal a word from the Arsenal Supporter Trust, this is 'inappropriate' comment and right out of line. Also, in relation to his own circumstances, it was not just Wenger who stuck by Wilshere for those 17 months when he was injured; it was Arsenal as a whole.

Wilshere is an obviously talented footballer. After a productive spell on loan at Bolton, he returned to Arsenal and played an incredible 49 games for the club in the 2010-2011 season. Given the fact that he was aged only 18 at the time, that is an astounding achievement, and clearly shows the high regard in which he is held by Wenger. It could be argued that there is a direct correlation between the fatigue levels of such a young player playing quite so many games for his club, and his subsequent missing of over a season and a half, but that is in the past and cannot be changed. Wilshere is back now, and looking to push on with his career.

For all the hype surrounding Jack - and there's plenty - the facts are, he still hasn't achieved very much for Arsenal or England. The same season he played 49 games, Arsenal finished 4th again and lost the Carling Cup final - nothing so spectacular there. He's broken into the England set up, but given current competition, that's hardly ground breaking. And yes, he's young, but all the more reason to recall he has a way to go yet before making thinly veiled threats about leaving if fans don't stop having an opinion on how their club is run. Wilshere is a good passer who has no problem getting stuck in, but I can't quite go the distance with the hype of some of his more passionate supporters. Since his remark about Wenger, some commenters have implied that Arsenal post Wilshere would be the club footballing equivalent of a zombie apocalypse... I really don't think so. As things stand Arsenal would be more lost without Ramsey than Wilshere despite what some in the media love in would have you believe.

After Arsenal's defeat at Tottenham in early March of this year, it is well documented that Arsenal went on a 10 game unbeaten run to deservedly wrestle 4th back from their North London rivals. People are quicker to forget that Wilshere played an extremely limited role in the resurgence. A few starts and substitute appearances aside, Wilshere was mainly a spectator as Arsenal demonstrated their vintage metal to fight back against the critics (of which, when it comes to Arsenal, there are always plenty). No implication here that Wilshere isn't good enough to become an Arsenal legend - he is, and I hope he goes on to be for Arsenal what Gerrard is for Liverpool, Lampard is for Chelsea and so on... This is more a case of "steady on, Jack". Arsenal fans pay sky-high ticket prices and deserved better this summer. Regardless of what happens next, it really shouldn't have been left this late. Losing at home to Villa was unacceptable and Arsenal fans have every right to express their anger. Wenger's grumpy responses to his critics aren't good enough and a 21-year-old with an inordinately high opinion of himself holding my club to ransom is the final straw...

Here's my advice to Jack Wilshere...

Focus on your job, which is football and recovering from your injury. You can be very good, but you have work to do. You could do worse than take a look at Aaron Ramsey - he finally looks to be coming back to the player he was before his leg break...

And as for the idea of leaving, we've seen Vieira, Henry, Fabregas, Van Persie and more go, and still maintained at least top four football.

So should fans be quaking in their boots if Jack decided to pack his bags? I say, no, not really. Is Arsenal FC a whole lot bigger than just one player? Yes. Yes, it is. As we've proved time and again, we would go on.

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