Title dream closer to reality

Monday 24th March 2014 21:34

Brendan Rodgers: Masterminded another win at Cardiff

Brendan Rodgers: Masterminded another win at Cardiff

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FanZoner Rich Garnett believes Liverpool's victory at Cardiff adds further credence to the growing belief that the Reds can win the title.

"Even Chairman Mao has never seen a greater show of red strength."

Those were the words of the great Bill Shankly as he eulogised about one of his all conquering Liverpool sides.

A run of three consecutive away games including a trip to Old Trafford sounded like a big ask for a team ranked as outsiders for the Premier League title.

But as momentum has built, each victory becomes more impressive than the last. Twelve goals scored in their last three matches all away from home.

Even some sloppy defending against Cardiff, which was soundly punished, could not take the shine off the Reds' scintillating performance.

Liverpool coiled like a snake as they worked tirelessly to fashion the opportunity to break Cardiff's rear guard.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had a game plan but it did not legislate for marauding attacks from Glen Johnson down the right flank, which stretched the home side beyond their limitations.

The expected return of Philippe Coutinho to work magic in tight spaces coupled with the later introduction of Raheem Sterling when the game became stretched was a strategy that the red-feathered Bluebirds will have been aware of but powerless to contain.

Liverpool's work ethic is just too much for most sides to handle and no one demonstrates it better than 28-goal Luis Suarez.

Anfield has seen many wonderful strikers over its illustrious history but surely none with a greater will-to-win than the Uruguayan whose telepathy with Daniel Sturridge is nothing short of remarkable.

Sturridge's audacious back heel for Suarez's second goal was a thing of beauty. It is frightening to think that they could get even better.

It would be remiss not to highlight the contribution of Martin Skrtel also, who not only scored two goals with finishes of the highest quality but also marshalled his defence in an assured fashion when others around him failed to settle early doors.

With big wins for Chelsea and Manchester City as well, it seems increasingly likely that Liverpool's destiny will be determined by the two box-office home fixtures with the aforementioned clubs on the horizon.

But the team's approach will not change. One game at a time. Bit by bit. Win by win. Confidence continues to surge to a point where Brendan Rodgers' players have an aura of invincibility.

The Northern Irishman has called for fans to get into Anfield early on Wednesday night for the home fixture against Sunderland - Liverpool's first since February 23 - to help raise the roof.

As well-meaning as his intentions are, he has little to worry about on that front, as an excitable crowd which has yearned for league title success and sat through two decades of Manchester United dominance is more than ready to help set the scene for Liverpool's championship run-in.

There is no doubt that Kopites believe that their beloved Reds can win the title. Nor is there any doubt that the players do too.

Not since Liverpool last won the league in 1990 have they knocked the ball around with such swagger and produced breath-taking football that few can live with.

As captain, Steven Gerrard holds the responsibility of keeping his team-mates grounded in their pursuit whilst doing nothing to stem the creativity that has driven modern Liverpool to new heights.

Nothing is won in March, or April, but the longer they remain in contention the greater the chance of success.

For now it just remains a dream, significantly abetted by an outstanding team of doers.

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