The waiting game

Thursday 1st November 2012 9:06

Birmingham: changes in the boardroom?

Birmingham: changes in the boardroom?

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Birmingham City FanZoner Alex Byers says new owners would give Blues fans a 2013 to remember.

Blues fans hoping for an end to the uncertainty

Sit tight, relax and wait - It may not be a rallying cry, but it's the best course of action for Birmingham City fans at the moment.

This season has been packed with frustration and confusion, the manager has frequently looked out of his depth, results have been alarmingly unpredictable and many a post-match debate has involved head scratching and deliberating why a previously dependable collection of players are performing so erratically.

Despite all of that, an eye needs to be cast upon the bigger picture and the brighter days that ought to be waiting in 2013, in short, why stress?

It is now safe to say that we will be taken over; the timescale for this nobody can be sure of but with the exception of anything catastrophic it should be concluded prior to the season's run-in.

Whoever takes over, whether it is Gianni Paladini's Italian consortium or a group from the Far East, the club's capability to recruit players will improve, our capacity to retain existing players will be better and the chance to offer new, long-term contracts to our young players will finally emerge.

If the management team continues to be unconvincing then new owners will be in a position to act accordingly and, should this happen, we would be a far more attractive proposition this time around, and would have the finances to cherry-pick an employed manager rather than sifting through applications from spray tanned rejects and gobby Glaswegians.

If the management team improves and begins to produce the sort of results that Chris Hughton did, then they remain and are supported financially in the market. Whatever the circumstances our position to act will be stronger it is currently.

Of course in an ideal world the takeover will take place before the January transfer window has slammed shut and the club can cling on to Redmond, Butland, Davies and co. in the short-term. Equally, it would be preferable for the new owners to be able to act in the January transfer window and fire us up the table by throwing around sizeable cheques.


But this is not the time to become stressed and depressed, for the time being the manager is staying, no players are incoming, we have what we have until the off-field issues are resolved and the players will perform better in a more relaxed atmosphere, not a stress-filled impatient environment.

The team is starting to pick up points and a relegation scrap now looks less likely. Ravel Morrison has finally been unleashed and is flourishing, Jack Butland is more assured and the King/Lita partnership is growing as impressively as a Keith Fahey Movember moustache.

So despite whether you think the manager is inept or whether we don't have enough in the locker to make the play-offs, we should be calm in the knowledge that healthier times are surely around the corner - it may be an infuriating wait, but the difference between now and pre-season is that we finally have something to wait for.

It may take three months and there are likely to be some further gloomy days in the meantime, but 2013 should be the year that the Blues become one of the big boys in the Championship once more and transfer deadline day will be met with hope rather than trepidation.

The prospect of Gianni Paladini leaves me feeling uneasy, yet neither can I deny that things will undoubtedly improve from our current position under his leadership. Whether he will be our new owner nobody knows - I happen to think not - but all we can do is wait and pass the time.

It has been a demoralising few months but the end is in sight. We waited 48 years for a major trophy and 16 years for top flight football, if anything comes naturally to Blues fans then it is waiting for success with patience and good humour.

Whether it's Italians, Chinese, or Indians who are handed the St Andrews keys, as a club with no cash or long-term plan it can only improve our quest to get back to the top flight.

How do we get there? I don't know and I don't care, all I know is the Blues are on their way. Who with? Nobody knows, but it's got to be better than this.

So just sit tight, relax and wait - after all, we've had enough practice haven't we?

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