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Thursday 20th September 2012 8:17

A human tragedy

A human tragedy

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Manchester united FanZoner Craig Malpas was disgusted by the Hillsborough chants at Old Trafford.

Hillsborough chants brought shame on the club

Last week saw a monumental day in the History of Liverpool Football club, in Liverpool, in Britain and, most importantly, in the lives of those affected, in any way, by the Hillsborough tragedy. On September 12th, the Hillsborough Independent Panel published its findings. Finally, a conclusion that the Liverpool fans present that day were not responsible for the tragedy. That the Police's actions that day were not only corrupt but also immoral. That 'The Truth' as described by The Sun newspaper was, simply put, not the truth at all.

Then, on Saturday afternoon, we saw the abhorrent, most nauseating side of football fans. 'Always the victims, it's never your fault they sang'.....

Now, as a United fan, I have a healthy disdain for Liverpool Football Club, for all the players and all the managers ever to have had the misfortune of being associated with our somewhat diminished rivals. Every single goal scored against them is celebrated and, much like any Liverpool fan, there is very little that makes me as happy as seeing our rivals suffer. Like I say, a healthy disdain.

But, I really feel the need to express how disappointed, how ashamed and how absolutely disgusted I felt upon hearing that United fans had chanted such words. Of course, in no way does such behaviour represent Manchester United, no way does it represent the feelings of Manchester United fans. It cannot be ignored though and, in the strongest terms possible, such behaviour should be castigated.


I was pleased to hear United's stance on such disgusting behaviour. However, I was much more disappointed that the chants were defended in some part. Certain fans groups suggested that Hillsborough was never mentioned, that the chants were perhaps aimed more at Luis Suarez. Factually true, they may argue. Hillsborough was not directly mentioned. Just like a banana being thrown on to the pitch may be a gesture of food rather than a racist slur aimed at one individual? For the senior figures of fans groups to suggest that a minority or narrow minded, socially depraved United fans chanting 'always the victims' were not referring to Hillsborough is almost as bad as singing it themselves.

I would love for those singing to have to stand up on a Monday morning at work. Call a team meeting and for their colleagues to ask why they thought it appropriate to deride those who died. Perhaps a community hall on Merseyside could be hired, those who sang such songs could be summoned and the families affected could be enlightened as to the hilarity of Hillsborough. Inevitably, every single one of those poisonous 'fans' has lost somebody in their life. Perhaps they could sit and watch a game of football while all those around them sang about how their life was lost? Mock cancer, mock a war victim, mock how their child's life was cut cruelly short perhaps?

Those people who dared to chant such obscenities are not fans. They are not Manchester United supporters. They are the warped, twisted dregs of society who have found themselves inside Old Trafford. They are the moronic, unintelligent vermin of these Isles. Hillsborough was not football's tragedy. It was not Liverpool's tragedy. Hillsborough was a social tragedy and, most importantly, a human tragedy. Any person, 'fan' or human being daring to mock those that perished will always walk alone..

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