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Thursday 3rd January 2013 14:22

Wolves gone stale...

Wolves gone stale...

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Wolves FanZoner Karl Sears is trying to find some positives from the club's recent dire performances.

Woeful Wanderers only heading in one direction

It was drummed into me when I was growing up that, if I was bad, Santa wouldn't bring me any presents for Christmas. Few teams have been as bad as Wolves in 2012, and all they've received this year is two home defeats against two bad teams. If you need proof of Santa's existence, just pop down to the Molineux.

I got to my seat for the Ipswich game to find that the wind and rain had combined to make sure that my little corner of the Jack Harris Stand did not receive any cover. The weather was bad, the game was worse.

When I did teacher training I was told that any feedback I gave should include three stars and a wish: three things that were good and one thing to work on so as to encourage the kiddywinks, but to still give them something to aim for.

I will employ this technique for my match report.

1st half Stars:

• We won a corner

• As above

• There was a nice red sunset during half time

1st half Wish

• Play with some kind of attacking threat

2nd half Stars:

• We started brightly for 5 minutes

• Jamie O'Hara came on

• We had a shot, albeit off target

2nd half Wish

• For the players to at least look like they're trying

The biggest cheer of the day was reserved for Mick McCarthy's return. I said at the time that, should we go down, then he'd be the best man to bring us back - I still think I'm right. As Big Mick was watching the dross that was in front of him, I'd forgive him for feeling a little smug. He came onto the pitch after the game and applauded the Wolves fans and he got the same back - a nice touch I thought.

The Sky Sports stats say that we had two shots on target, we didn't - we had none. Zilch. Zero threat. Ipswich's goalkeeper didn't have to make a single save. I've been to Molineux plenty of times before and that was the worst I've ever seen. When the crowd started singing 'Que sera sera. What ever will be, will be. We're going to Shrewsbury', I think they were singing half in jest, half in fear.

I'm resisting jumping on the Solbakken bandwagon. I don't think that he's had the chance to play his best team and injuries have blighted our season - Jamie O'Hara's return is hopefully a step in the right direction.

I've just got home and I'm a little bit mad still, so I'll leave you with the optimistic words of our manager: 'at the moment the two worst performances of the season have been the two last ones. It can't get any worse.'

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