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Thursday 10th November 2011 18:05

Another defeat for the Baggies

Another defeat for the Baggies

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Luke Jerromes questions if West Brom can progress any further than being a mid-table Premier League team.

Top-flight torture

So, that is two losses now. Combined score of 5-0, against teams with a £35m striker, and a team so previously 'in crisis' they had to 'panic buy' a £10m midfielder.

Losses can be quite tedious in the Premier League. As I said in my last blog, about Aston Villa, I really tend to feel apathetic when West Brom lose nowadays. The result is gone, I normally have seen why we lost and so can't really have many arguments.

The odd pang of rage sometimes comes up when we lose in an unjustified manner, but overall, if we lose, it's only because we deserved it, or because I'm just not sure how we're supposed to compete with the extortionately priced teams elsewhere in the Premier League.

I'm delighted we're not in the position like Spanish football, whereas if you're not one of two teams you can expect to be absolutely hammered roughly four times a season, but depressingly enough, is there an impending inevitability about such occurrences?

As brilliant as it's been to see the likes of David Silva and Sergio Aguero in the Premier League this season, how much fun is it going to be when it's my team I'm watching them against?

Since that isn't the case yet, and my team can valiantly still pull off some great victories (Such as last season's 3-2 victory over Arsenal) then I'll avoid moaning about that until it becomes reality... Instead let me just question, as a fan, how I'd prefer to seek a victory against a club with players who are 'superior' (I still have faith in all our players, I still believe somewhere that on our day, all of them playing to their potential could pull off a result against anyone, just depends how often they all play to their full potential is the question).

Against Liverpool and Arsenal we whimpered to two of the most tedious, boring, infuriating defeats I've seen in quite a while. I can't honestly say there was literally any point during either of the two games where I felt we were going to get anything out of them. How depressing is that?

When you can count the number of exciting attacks and good opportunities you had on one hand which is missing a couple of fingers and a thumb you know it wasn't a good day of football. Yes, the logical man inside can understand why we didn't try to smash them back, playing full throttle and trying to match them mano-a-mano, but why be a fan of anyone else outside of the Manchester clubs if logic ever truly comes into your football thinking?

I'd rather get hammered 5-3 than drip to a 2-0 loss. If the loss is expected, then why try to prevent it to the boredom of the fans, losing anyway and meaning everyone in the ground in blue and white has wasted £50? Would you rather not be able to walk out of the ground talking about some of our goals or, even some of our shots rather then walking out of the ground, speechless?

Last week the blog was so hard to write because I couldn't really put into words about what I had seen. We played a Liverpool team who were the least adventurous I've seen us in years, lost, and I finished the game nodding off with how utterly boring it was. What is the point of football if it involves turning up knowing you're not going to be entertained?


Again, I understand why Roy does it, and I don't blame him, logic should come under his remit as manager of a team, and if he can perhaps increase the chances of a draw or a victory by 1% by sucking all the enjoyment out of a game, then he will do it because he's judged on results, whereas as a fan, I judge football on enjoyment.

I think that is part of modern football though. When fans start discussing the business side of it, how revenue streams for their club will increase 4% on a matchday once their new stand opens, my eyes glaze and I realise I need to go to better parties. This blog might be able to be picked apart as being hypocritical, but that is the problem currently. It's a confusing time to be a football fan.

I do truly enjoy a good game, and I enjoy the success of my team. But a weight hangs over when you consider how ridiculously expensive football is nowadays to go and watch live and see those glimpses of success, when you can't work out where your club is to progress once it's reached Premier League mid-table, apart from a cup run where you can be defeated by a more expensive team who regards the competition as a distraction and wins it anyway.

The England team is full of disgusting characters who you'd be embarrassed to be friends with, let alone show allegiance with as a team. The concept of a league win is laughable, that our only hope is to dream of a soulless sugar daddy to restyle a team you've supported and watched grow into one full of blokes who you can only enjoy because of the badge on their chest.

These monetary arguments have been covered, they're tedious, we know the fans talk about money ruining the game, blah blah. It's been a subject which has hung around that it's not really interesting anymore even though it gets more relevant every day.

I'd love a wage cap bought into the league, so players can be tempted to stay with clubs, so once you'd uncovered a gem, you could feel like he was going to stay, that if you could get a few of them together you could take a crack at the league, instead of waiting for them to get sold. This blog is very negative, reading it back, and the way I'm feeling after those results, it's completely justified. Apathy for a defeat sure, but it can't stop a wider feeling of infuriation for all of football as time goes on.

Hopefully it can pass with some victories against more even opposition, destroying Bolton with some entertaining football would be nice, please Roy.

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