Flat ambitions at Hawthorns

Monday 30th January 2012 21:34

Hodgson: Maybe time for a change?

Hodgson: Maybe time for a change?

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West Brom FanZoner Luke Jerromes is struggling to be content with mid-table mediocrity.

Baggies stuck in a rut

Alright Baggies fans? Sorry I've not blogged for a while, I've been struggling to really say anything. Every time I come to write a report, or talk about the team, all the positives I've felt we've had this season are relatively minor in excitement levels compared to seasons of previous.

It's weird, in that as a West Brom fan you've waited so long for this moment when we can stop being considered a yoyo club, but it seems to have been at the expense of a lot of things which make football truly enjoyable.

Again, I don't put any of the blame with Roy directly, I understand he's doing a job and he's paid to get results, he's obviously intelligent, capable and will keep us up easily. I'm happy with that. The only thing is that I'm happy with that in the logical part of my brain, and my emotions just remain absolutely flat. Oh, we're staying up this season. Great. No, really, that is great.

I think at this point it's trying to define the new light at the end of our tunnel. It was always survival, and once we had this we always had something to strive for, and a focus, and luckily, we always looked to be making progress towards that. Now, what is our light? Is it just a constant yearly battle to remain in the Premier League, for which we should be eternally grateful for?

I understand there are 72 other league clubs who would love to be where we are, it's just that once you're here, what is there to do? Our chairman won't spend, again, the logical part of me accepts that, I understand it's sensible and obviously we don't want to just go into financial meltdown as a club, but then what do we aspire to? Money in football is ridiculous, absolutely stupid in fact, and I'd probably fall out of love with football quicker if we were suddenly stuffed with unearned money, bought mercenaries and had the soul torn out of a club.


I genuinely enjoy how intelligent our scouting system is, which bought us such bargains as Shane Long and Peter Odemwingie, but there is just that part of you that wants to sign a marquee player, someone who fans of other teams would have a poster of on their wall. But again it's that logical enjoyment instead of that emotional enjoyment which truly makes football what it is. When Henry scored for Arsenal in the Cup it was a beautiful moment. You're not truly a football fan if a part of you didn't leap for joy that something as magical as that managed to occur.

So yeah, so far the season is incredibly flat. I've spoken to other fans and they're flat as well. We need something to put the romance back into football for us. Mourinho has allegedly said he wants a job in England at the end of this season, so if Roy goes onto the England job or enjoys a well deserved retirement, why can't we dream?

Surely anyone who appreciates the magic of football would love to see one of the worlds top managers coming in at a club which isn't a title contender, and trying to transform it? Surely the opportunity to become a genuine legend of a club is more appealing than just merely plugging into a 'top club' and going through the surreal money and paper talk motions until you've earned enough to retire, forever to be a paragraph in the history of football instead of a whole book.

So Jeremy, our Chairman, if you're watching: 'Throw the entire season's transfer budget at signing him.' Then once that's ran out after 4 or 5 days of Jose's wages, see if he'll stay to transform a club which could do with a new fairytale?

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