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Monday 3rd December 2012 14:28

Sinclair: blending into the background

Sinclair: blending into the background

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Man City FanZoner Tom Wilkins wonders if Scott Sinclair gets his inspiration from Winston Bogarde's career!

Sinclair no closer to breaking into the City side

Things aren't great in the Sinclair household right now. As the month of November comes to an end, Scott's masterplan is starting to come crashing down around him. And it had all started so promisingly.

Last season Scott Sinclair found himself playing an unpleasant amount of games. Excelling for Swansea, he was an almost guaranteed selection, thereby raising the spectre of international caps - first for the under 21s followed by whispers of the full national side. Clearly this wasn't the right way forward for our Scott, and he began to hatch a plan that would get him some peace and quiet.

The first phase of the plan involved getting rid of his headache of a girlfriend without resorting to adultery or murder, as tempting as they both might have been. The second involved being paid a lot of money for doing nothing. The plan began flawlessly.

Using his extensive network of TV connections, Scott managed to send his other half thousands of miles away under the pretext of her appearing on 'I'm a Celebrity'. It was reasonable enough to expect that exposing innocent celebrities to Helen would result in 1st degree murder and, bless her, she's tried her best. Whilst Scott has watched on, cringing from a different hemisphere, Helen has introduced us all to a new level of stupid. But now it has all started to go wrong.

After several weeks of enjoyably torturing poor Helen, the British public decided that enough was enough and returned Ms. Flanagan to our fair shores. Poor Scott was back to square one.


In happier news Phase 2 of the project was continuing well. After deciding that he wanted to get paid obscene amounts of money for doing very little, he employed Jedi mind tricks to convince Manchester City officials that he, yes he - Scott Sinclair, was the missing piece in the Champions' puzzle. Upon signing, all mind tricks ceased and City were left wondering what had happened and who this young fellow with a fat contract actually was.

In recognition of the fact that City had actually passed over cold, hard cash for this individual, Roberto Mancini felt compelled to play Sinclair, at first in the reserves side. This was not part of Scott Sinclair's grand scheme though. Something had to be done. On his debut for the EDS (I cringe even writing that name) Sinclair grabbed the initiative with both hands, slamming a penalty against a post in order to shelve any first team plans indefinitely.

As hoped, everything then went quiet for a while until the youngster found himself thrust into the limelight with a couple of unexpected appearances against Aston Villa. The first was in the Carling Cup (beaten at home, job done) and the second was in the League. Sinclair was experienced this time round though, and knew exactly what to do. Two chances came his way, both were spurned with impeccable precision.

Scotty then melted back into the warm embrace of the 'first team squad', safe in the knowledge that life would remain peaceful for a little while longer yet. So save a thought tonight for the young lad whose peace is about to be shattered in the most alarming way, with the return of his girl. She's got his name tattooed on her leg too - she's in it for the long haul. Don't worry though, so are we Scotty, that's what lengthy contracts are for.

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