English League One

Saddlers still on the market

Monday 12th November 2012 14:52

Banks's Stadium: Still up for sale

Banks's Stadium: Still up for sale

Walsall remain up for sale should the right buyer be interested in the League One club.

The stance of owner and chairman Jeff Bonser remains the same as it has in recent years although no suitable candidate has stepped forward.

And when the matter was brought up by shareholders at the club's AGM on Monday morning, the response was no different.

"The club remains up for sale, this position has not changed," said chief executive Stefan Gamble, with Bonser not present at the meeting.

"The chairman is prepared to sit down and discuss this matter with anyone who can prove that they have unencumbered funds to pursue a transaction of this nature and has the best interests of the club at heart to ensure its long-term future."