Levski coach unveiled & quits

Wednesday 9th October 2013 16:35

Ivaylo Petev has resigned as Levski Sofia head coach after having his shirt removed by angry fans during his first press conference.

The 38-year-old was presented to the media at the Georgi Asparuhov stadium on Tuesday, but a group of supporters, accusing him of having an allegiance to arch rivals CSKA Sofia, removed some of his clothes.

Petev, who denied the claims, said: "I thought over things a lot, listened to the opinions of my family, which is important.

"I'm not a criminal, I'm not a thief, but yesterday I felt exactly like that. What did I do to deserve this?"

Levski chief executive Nasko Sirakov said of the attack: "This is not my Levski, and these are not our fans. It's a shame and a disgrace to the name of The Apostle (Vasil Levski)."

Vladimir Vladimirov, chairman of the team's national fan-club, retorted: "We'll not allow this Petev to be coach of Levski. We'll not retreat from our position. I'm not speaking on my behalf but on behalf of thousands of Levski supporters."

As a result of Petev's departure, Levski assistant coach Antony Zdravkov will take charge of the club until the winter break.



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