Liverpool star should leave; double act perfect for Man Utd

Date published: Thursday 27th April 2017 12:22

A list of nine players Liverpool should offload, including ‘liability’ Dejan Lovren, is suggested, while one Arsenal player’s display against Leicester has been branded ‘disgraceful’, all in our forum.

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We ‘expect better’ from Sanchez

I would have thrown the ball at him, but for the dive, not the initial blocking of the throw-in. Absolutely pathetic from Sanchez. I even smiled a little when Huth caught his lip later – he totally had that coming.

You’re a Gunner Alexis and we expect better from you.

Al The Gooner


Sanchez photo ‘pathetic’

Actually guys, tell me in the rule book where it says you cannot throw the ball at someone deliberately off a throw in. Players regularly kick the ball into a defender at full pelt to get a corner. In this instance, Sanchez was told multiple times by the ref to retreat and he wouldn’t so Fuchs legally threw the ball at him.

Also Steveo, the fat lip was from a seperate incident with Huth (as confirmed by Wenger himself) the subsequent tweeted photo was a pathetic attempt by Sanchez to save face (pun intended), watch the other angle replays and it shows the ball never hit his head at all and just bounced off his shoulder.



Two Arsenal players who should be offloaded

Morning Steve.

Watched the game last night. Very intense, with, as in your last post striker needed. No target man upfront and Leicester well organised in defence. Sanchez was not good last night and gave the ball away many times. When he was moved to left much better and hit the bar with a cracker.We were lucky, but the three points very welcome.

Walcott was useless. One flick at goal all game. I’m afraid he has no other skills except pace, which he does not use. Even one on one with full back, never tries to just push ball past and go. First player i’d unload in closed season.

Ramsey too came on and was nowhere, two stupid backheels. He has lost the plot. Number two on my list.

Xhaka had a good game, however got a bit niggled towards end. Needs to control his temper. Although in mitigation, last ten minutes, the boots were flying in. Huth was moggy after giving og from Monreal’s shot that was going wide.

I’m suspending my usual tirade on Wenger, whatever happens now, is “Alea iacta est”. We need the players to step up.
I said in a past post, we will not make top four and not win a trophy. I still feel this but will pray to all idols that I’m wrong. No more negativity, 100% support.

I only ask the players, to do it for ALL gooners worldwide. Respect.

Gooner for life.



Walcott was ‘disgraceful’

Morning fellas.

Much like Gooner said, it was intense and it wasn’t pretty for the most part. Some really poor individual displays and despite praising our tactical approach at the weekend….some unusual selections/decisions from Wenger perhaps.

First of all, Walcott was disgraceful. I haven’t seen one player be so bad in a long time. Can’t pass, won’t shoot when he gets the chance, his runs were poor. We could go on. His selection made no sense against a team that sat on the edge of their box all night. We know that’s how they play so it was never going to be useful decision to play Theo.

Sanchez wasn’t far behind him as far as having a stinker of a game goes. He gave the ball away more times than I care to remember. Plenty of effort as always but he ruined our shape by coming so deep and leaving us without that ‘focal point’!

Thought Mesut was distinctly average again. I’m really losing patience with him to be honest. His contributions are so few and far between that I don’t believe he warrants his automatic selection anymore.

Xhaka had his best game in a very long time. He used the ball really well and always looked to move it forward. The selection of Coquelin next to him was pointless. We didn’t need him in there and frankly, he was garbage again. His passing ability (if you can call it that) is dreadful. Its absolutely vital that we find the right midfield partner for Granit next season.

Defensively it was another positive for the 3 at the back approach. Nacho is very capable of playing that LCB role and Gabriel was pretty solid again. I hope Wenger persists with the formation but in an attacking sense, it feels like we still need to work out how to use it.

Our play in the final third still looks very slow and very indecisive.
Still, a win is a win and the biggest positive for me was the ‘nasty’ streak that we showed. Surrounding the ref, standing up for each other, being very physical in the challenge…..all things we have not seen in a good while. Some people won’t like it but its how winners need to be. Long may it continue.



‘Possession does not equal dominance’

Anyone saying that Spurs outplayed Chelsea at the weekend doesn’t understand what they’re watching. Possession does not equal dominance ffs!!

Spurs had more possession because Chelsea allowed them to. Please tell me where Spurs were ‘unlucky’ in the game?? I don’t remember anything. No disallowed goals, woodwork being hit etc.

And were any of Chelsea’s goals ‘lucky’?? No. They were all good goals (as were Spurs’).

Honestly, it drives me insane when casual observers confuse themselves (and then try to confuse everyone else lol) by equating possession with superiority.



‘Spurs were the better side’

Tottenham: Are chasing Chelsea all the way

Ash – I was not just talking about having more possession, although they did, they also had more shots, more corners, and Chelsea also had to commit more fouls.

Now many people would just look at these stats and say these mean Spurs had the better of the game. I am not saying that, I watched the game and felt that Spurs were the better side and rather than Chelsea letting them it felt like Spurs had control of the game, a point backed up by the pundits and football writers (that obviously know nothing) ?

I appreciate that you had rested Costa and Hazard, and when they came on the game changed and Chelsea game back into it, but between the first goal and them coming on Spurs looked in complete control and should have been 2-1 up but for a stupid bit of defending from Son.



Why would Sturridge leave?

Can we get takers for studge? He’s on a hefty salary as well. Why would he go.

He probably realises he can’t play now anyway, even somewhere else as he keeps breaking down. He could just stay as he’s in contract, or we pay him off. He’ll likely only get a pay as you play contract from anyone else?



Move abroad would suit Sturridge 

Daniel Sturridge: Could have played his last game for Liverpool

At this point, I really doubt Sturridge wants to stay. To be honest I think he is too confident in his own ability to settle for his role in our squad and just pick up pay cheques.

A move abroad could be a good idea, a winter break and less physical football etc. He still has all the ability. Just lost some pace and is picking up repetitive injuries.

We will see in the summer though I guess what his ambition is…I like him as a player but I’m pretty resigned to him leaving and the fact it has been a poor season is helping me with accepting that (after a decent return to the team last year, being top scorer)



Liverpool’s dead wood

Players i would be happy to sell this summer

Alex Manninger
Dejan Lovren
Lucas Leiva
Kevin Stewart
Daniel Sturridge
Jon Flanagan
Andre Wisdom
Lazar Markovic
Mamadou Sakho

I doubt we will sell all of them. Cant see us selling Lovren but i really dont rate him.

I would send Ings out on loan see if he can get back to his best.



Loven ‘another liability’

Lovren is another liability

Matip? Has he really been that good recently? He’s not aggressive enough but has had a decent 1st season.

Clynne is not doing enough either. I’d sell neither but these two escape criticism a bit. I’ve noticed recently clynne let’s the winger inside.

We back at this s**** again. We should be at the stage of adding 3 quality players a summer instead we need 6 or 7. So we are rebuilding again. You wonder has anyone a. Lie about football at our club in the last ten years. The amount of transfers we have got wrong is silly

Sean the sailor


Varane-De Gea swap possibilities…

Raphael Varane: Intends to stay at Real Madrid

Very rarely see swap deals these days. It’s been said before that this season’s problems haven’t been in defence. We’ve got the joint best defensive record in Europe alongside Barca and Bayern. Sooooooo.

Our main transfer target has got to be Griezman I think. Carrick needs to be replaced as well, that Bakayoko guy who’s been mentioned looks good. But Griezman will give us that extra edge going forwards, with Rashford, Miki and Martial it would be an amazing attacking line-up next season. Pace, power and goals galore!



Would Varane come to United?

Yeah but if we’re going to lose DDG anyway, and it’s looking likely then we may try to get a player from Real. Varane is someone who we could very much do with despite the defence playing well this season.

Him and Bailly would both be French speakers which would mean they could communicate easily also, especially considering Varane probably has very little Spanish.

Question is, would he come if we tried to get him? I mean we can all say a player should want to come to O.T. but as a player why leave Real?


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