American investment imminent at Crystal Palace

Date published: Thursday 12th November 2015 4:50

Steve Parish: Co-chairman excited by potential investment at Palace

Steve Parish: Co-chairman excited by potential investment

Co-chairman Steve Parish says the expected American investment will help take Crystal Palace to the next level.

Palace are now an established Premier League club thanks to the stewardship of first Tony Pulis and then current manager Alan Pardew, and are set to be boosted by the investment of American duo David Blitzer and Josh Harris, which is expected to be completed by Christmas.

“I would remain as the largest single shareholder along with David and Josh. The decision-making and day-to-day control will stay the same, but obviously there will be some fresh ideas and fresh input which is great,” Parish told Sky Sports News HQ.

“But I think the guys recognise that having a UK party and retaining the soul of the football club is very important and really important to me is that my three other partners will remain involved as well.

“We’ll have a much broader investment base, everybody’s signing up to a commitment to improve the stadium financially, so we’ll all put money back in, including me.

“We simply can’t stand still and enjoy a nice couple of seasons in the Premier League – that’s simply not acceptable to me. The club’s too big and has too much potential.”

Blitzer and Harris are already part of the set up at NBA outfit Philadelphia 76ers and hockey side New Jersey Devils, and Parish insists they have the Eagles’ values at heart.

“They’ve fallen in love with the club. They were looking at other clubs but they’ve got a real affinity with the club, they understand it, they understand us, the ethos and the culture,” he added.

“We have dot to the is and cross the ts and there is always the possibility of surprises but I would be hopeful of getting it done this side of Christmas.

“No single individual will have the biggest shareholding, there will be a set of governance rules which means that Josh, David and I have to agree on the major issues and the budgets.

“I’ll be here running it day-to-day and I know that they just want success for the club.”

Are you excited by the prospect of investment at Palace? Discuss Blitzer and Harris’ interest on our Crystal Palace Your Say forum.

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    Rob Conlon

    Co-chairman Steve Parish says the expected American investment will help take Crystal Palace to the next level.

    [See the full post at: American investment imminent at Crystal Palace]



    Onwards and Upwards, we are filling our stadium pretty much every home game, a 40,000 stadium would add tremendous gate revenue.. image Selhurst with another 15,000 voices… would be amazing…


    Punch Metz

    You see American monies in other clubs and it makes one shudder but I really trust our board, they are fans. I can’t believe my little club has grown to this.When I think of one stand ,no real terrace, yellow floodlights and thick pea soup fogs. Wow. I went to the local school with Chris and Doug Waite, Arthur’s boys also Roy Hodgson. I wonder what he would be doing if he’d gone to our local Selhurst Grammar instead. Playing rugby?



    Punch… it will always be a slight worry, but our current board are no Jordon or Goldberg or Noades, they not only have the club at heart they are shrewd businessmen … A 40,000 stadium and associated incomes will see Palace in a great place… of course things can go wrong, but the men at the wheel have very steady hands…. Who’d have thought any of this 5 years ago… amazing

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