Anti-football Allardyce a ‘tragic’ appointment for England

Date published: Wednesday 20th July 2016 8:24

Sam Allardyce: Lost his job as England boss

Sam Allardyce: Lost his job as England boss

Sam Allardyce is on the brink of being named England manager, but the Sunderland boss is at the top of a ‘truly tragic’ list, according to Derek Bilton.

I don’t know what has been more depressing in the fallout of England’s latest European Championships debacle.

The way some sections of the media have tried to portray Sam Allardyce as some sort of cultured polymath who can rebuild England. Or the lack of credible names to actually replace Roy Hodgson.

At time of writing Big Sam is a roasting hot favourite with the bookmakers to succeed Hodgson with the smart money on a deal being concluded as early as this week.

This is the same Sam Allardyce who was shunned by the FA over a decade ago on the grounds his type of percentage football – which involves long balls, lots of physicality and being ultra organised defensively – was dead in the water.

The England ‘blueprint’

Steve McClaren: In the Sky Sports studios

At the time Spain were busy building their Tiki-Taka dynasty and the message from the suits in charge at the Football Association read that England’s blueprint was to play a game of intelligent possession football from youth level all the way up to the seniors. And then take over the world.

This ‘blueprint’ seems to be proving particularly hard for managers to read however with Steve McClaren, Fabio Capello and more recently Hodgson all trying and failing to whip the national team into shape. All three managers were lavishly salaried flops.

St George’s Park, the 330-acre site that is the new home to the national side, has been open since 2012 and yet we seem further away than ever to making a breakthrough at a major international tournament.

I agree there is a ‘culture of fear’ operating within the England side and that the players can feel suffocated by the sense of expectation at major tournaments.

Allardyce not the answer

Sam Allardyce: Trying to keep his cool

Yet I simply cannot agree that Allardyce is the man to lead us out of this malaise. The bottom line is this man is anti-football. He has not won major silverware anywhere despite hovering in and around the top flight for the past 20 years.

Keeping the likes of Bolton, Blackburn and Sunderland in the top flight on a limited budget does not equate to being a master tactician or an innovative thinker.

If ever there was a 2D manager it is Big Sam. Indeed I almost crashed my car the other week listening to Phil Brown on TalkSport hinting that how it would be a proud moment if he was asked to team up with Alladyce again and lead England.

That would be Phil Brown, currently employed by Southend United in League Two. A man who has yet to win a league title or a cup as a manager in his own right.

It really irks me how some sections of the media have been banging the drum for 61-year-old Allardyce in recent times. Claims his ‘no nonsense’ approach will galvanise England’s overpaid, underperforming superstars are not particularly convincing. And neither is the stance that he is the man to follow the FA’s much vaunted blue print.


Is Sam Allardyce a good appointment for England?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Best of a bad bunch


Can I ask where is the proof Allardyce is more than a ‘hoof and hope’ merchant? Last term only one side in the Premier League enjoyed less possession than Sunderland over the course of a season. The stats don’t lie. Yes he kept Sunderland up. But his win ratio in management is still around the 40% mark. Bang average.

And with England it should not be about surviving. It should be about thriving and playing football with a swagger. Football that the fans can appreciate. Can a manager who has won a League of Ireland title with Limerick, and a Third Division title with Notts County, 18 years ago, really deliver this?

A real lack of alternatives

Harry Redknapp: Met with FA

Yet almost as depressing at the thought of Allardyce as England boss, and God forbid Phil Brown as his assistant, is the fact that right now there is not an abundant number of alternatives.

After the experiences England had with Sven Goran Eriksson and Capello, Germany’s Jurgen Klinsmann was never going to get the gig. Harry Redknapp? Too old. Eddie Howe? Too young. Glenn Hoddle? Still paying for sins mouthed in his current life. Alan Shearer? Do me a favour.

For all that England is considered the cradle of the beautiful game, we cannot find a manager to nurse the country back to health. And with the profile and the vast amounts of cash swilling around the game in this country at the present time, that is truly tragic.


Derek Bilton


Who do you want as England’s next manager?

  • Gareth Southgate
  • Glenn Hoddle
  • Gary Neville
  • Eddie Howe
  • Sam Allardyce
  • Harry Redknapp
  • Alan Shearer
  • Arsene Wenger
  • Alan Pardew

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    Mark Scott

    Sam Allardyce is in pole position for the England job, but the Sunderland boss is at the top of a ‘truly tragic’ list, we argue.

    [See the full post at: Anti-football Allardyce would be ‘tragic’ appointment for England]


    What a lot of bollo**s



    So you slate the prospect of appointing Allardyce but then finish the article ruling out all of the other alternatives? So basically you admit there aren’t any stand out candidates so why attack the appointment of Allardyce if you can offer no alternative?

    You criticise his possession stats. What were Leicester’s possession stats last year? How does low possession equate to ‘anti-football’?

    What a shockingly poor article.



    does anybody have any better suggestions, United have also just appointed a manager who is largely regarded as anti football.



    At least with Allardyce you know what you’re going to get, the other managers have just talked the talk and have flattered to deceive. Do I think he is the right man for the job? Well if no other realistic alternatives can be offered then why not. He can’t do much worse than Hodgson and he will at least bring some fighting spirit into the team and crush the divas with a dose of reality.



    Put it this way. As much as I don’t like his playing style, he will be an improvement on Woy and McClaren, so why not



    Pardew is the better option.



    What about the Fat Cat being pro England?



    what a very short sighted Article… i keep hearing the term “England DNA” “Identity” coming out from the FA and i like many others want to know what it is.. because the only identity i know of is consistent failure..

    the Key to success is simply put winning games, this is done by scoring more than the opposition and conceding little goals. the success of that is down to the balance of the team and executing a game plan…

    i get frustrated when i hear we need to do a Spain, or Tika-Takka as their success was down to the Barcelona contingent, who play like that week in week out, with the individual class players knowing their exact strengths weaknesses and roles of each other in the team. Spain have been Awful over the last two tournaments due to the retirement of Torres, Villa, Xavi and Puyol as they don’t have the mental and physical balance of attack and defence. simply put the players who have replaced them are not as good or used to a different game plan… in fact the last two tournaments the squad simply put hasn’t been just Barcelona and Madrid plus Torres.. it have been a plethora of teams all of which play different styles at club level.

    with England for me there is a simple process that needs to be taken, 1) look at the players available and see which is the best formation to play, 2) pick the best players for that position accommodating no player because of a name and finally if possible, try to have club level contingents for familiarity. this is half the battle won when coaching international football as the coaching time on the pitch is very limited. No Manager since Sven has done this hence why we’ve been so bad..

    Big Sam is the only manager i feel will take that approach as his simple philosophy is to put in place a strategy to win against the opposition based on the limitations of the players available.. – he is not Anti Football – he is not a dinosaur – he is a realist and coaches to his environment and when it comes to Identity one thing for sure… an identity that is consistent with all teams managed by Big Sam is they are hard to beat and well organised…. for Me this is the basics of what the likes of Germany, Italy and Brazil have taken for decades in which you only have to look at their tournament record.



    Car crash of an article. This the 2D manager who’s first interview with the FA couldn’t be presented because the FA didn’t have the basic technology for Sam to present himself with a power point interview? The same 2d manager who’s data collection and sports science eclipse most managers. 2D eyes see 2D images. This article shows more about the Author’s blindness to his methods than it does about Big Sam.



    Just because Phil Brown is allowed to promote himself on the radio as a candidate for the England assistant manager, doesn’t mean it is going to happen. I remember that he was assistant manager to Sam Allardyce at Bolton Wanderers, but according to Wikipedia (the fount of all knowledge!), that was back in 2016. You would have thought that if Sam Allardyce was keen on Phil Brown, then they would have been reunited recently, especially considering that Phil’s career probably hasn’t gone as well as he had originally hoped.

    Also, attacking Sam Allardyce for a lack of silverware, or for his style of play seems a bit shorted. I mean, Fabio Capello is a coach that had won the league with Juventus, Roma & Real Madrid, and had won the league and Champions League with AC Milan, yet his England team played as abject football as I can remember watching.

    For myself, I am bored of watching England playing well throughout the qualifying rounds, raising everybody’s hopes that this tournament is going to be different, only to be disappointed by the results. I don’t expect Sam Allardyce to provide exciting football, but he has proven over the years that he knows how to get the best out of a group and he knows how to win. For me, that would be enough.


    nine nine nine

    Both SSN’s and the Standard are running stories that suggest that Sam Allardyce will be appointed England Manager possibly within the next 24 hours.



    Could be the perfect tonic to get me through these recent hot and sticky nights 😀



    I´d bet Fat Sam would have had the balls to drop both Kane for Vardy… Or had the notion not to play Rooney in midfield, going basic with your tactics is not necessarily a bad thing.

    If there is one manager out there that is pure England its Sam Allardyce.


    nine nine nine

    Given the FA’s restriction of “it has to be an Englishman” imo Sam’s probably the best choice. Moyes in at Sunderland is the rumour?


    Sean the sailor

    What a crazy appointment. Is this the best England can come up with seriously?




    Well, we’ve had a few foreign imports, didn’t set the world on fire, we’ve just had arguably the most experienced English Manager (both age and working abroad) failing, so why not Big Sam? It maybe more to do with a lack of other options, I think we can all agree he certainly isn’t as much of a Yes man than predecessors, why not give him a twirl?
    He’s certainly capable of putting a rocket up the backside of a few players, maybe that is what is needed for a change, rather than the constant mollycoddling they seem to get these days!



    I’d be more happier with Bruce.



    Bruce Forsyth?

    Wait two years… 🙂



    Which Englishman would you appoint Sean?

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