Are Chelsea stars too easily forgiven for last season’s shambles?

Date published: Monday 12th December 2016 12:38

Plenty of Liverpool fans share Jamie Carragher’s concerns, while one reader asks if Chelsea’s slackers from last season have been forgiven too easily…

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Karius concern for Koppites

I don’t want to sound too hasty, but there are a few concerns I shared with Carra’s thoughts after the game.

As others have pointed out, he is 24, hardly very young for a keeper compared to De Gea & Courtois when they came on the scene at earlier ages and already looked better. His appointment seems very similar to that of Bravo at City – better on the deck and with distribution, but still notable flaws.

I do wonder if Klopp just reacted to the traits of Mignolet that didn’t suit him (Klopp’s) game and so at almost any cost, like Guardiola, made the change as opposed to examining his all round game.

Now look, he may improve, but were similar things not said about Mignolet? I suppose in fairness to Klopp he wouldn’t have expected to have started the season as well as we have, hence felt he had time to play the longer game when bringing players in. But even so, Karius strikes me as more of a reactive signing, but we’ll see…




If Karius had been playing solidly for the past few months and then he let in that free-kick from Payet, then yes we can say its one of those things that happen.

But the fact is Karius has been woeful since replacing Mignolet. Hes looked nervous all season. He’s been so lucky that his mistakes haven’t been punished until now.



Loris Karius: Battling with Simon Mignolet for a start

Based on form, Migs shouldn’t have been dropped and now we have a problem and Karius is having a crisis of confidence.

There’s not a lot that Klopp gets wrong but he has to be questioned here.



Mamadou Sakho: Hasn't played for Liverpool since April

Sakho solution

If we are going to persist with Karius, at least recall Sakho who will provide him with some protection in the back four and take the media attention off the keeper. Talk it through, Jurgen.



Pep Guardiola: Impressed by Patrick Roberts display

The problem with Pep

I have just listened to Pep’s post match press conference. What concerns me as a fan is, I understand what he wants to do and what he expects players to do but he does not say that the opposing teams are not going to let him do that with his current strategy and player selection.

With that in mind I feel he should understand the EPL better. If he did not make such big changes all at once, surely, a rock solid defence is the basis of a winning team not a fluid style we are adopting which clearly is not working with the players we have for whatever reason.

One thing we are missing is GRIT and a defensive organiser, without Kompany, we just do not have a player on our books.

Leicester also prooved that with aged defenders they can shut out our stars, ours could not do the same. As I see it, we have a major problem until January, then maybe it still will not be resolved but clearly, it is not working now and its no good saying “we have to work harder” that only applies if you understand what you are doing and clearly.

At the back, there is no communication or cover whatsoever, it is therefore less about systems but players haveing the sense to cover each other correctly. We are not the only team with a weak defence but the problem is, like so many other fans, I have a fear everytime a team attacks us they will score. I would prefer clean sheets please, it also puts less pressure on our attackers who now getting use to the fact of going behind in the game. Pep has to change also if he is to succeed in the EPL, this league is not a two team race and every team can turn in a performance as we have witnessed.

Brian blue


John Stones: Left exposed time and again

John Stones is out of his depth, not Pep. We have had some questionable money spent on players in recent years but my god that purchase makes the £89million we paid for Pogba look a snip!



Jose Mourinho: Happy with United style

Players hiding behind managers

There’s obviously no doubt that players perform better under good managers and also when happier in themselves and when they feel wanted and loved. But last season many of the Chelsea players were being paid the same money but not delivering. (Just using Chelsea as an example here what with the stark differences between last season and this one, it could apply to all clubs).

Now OK, the mood may not have been great in the camp in Mourinho’s last days, but is it fair that this lack of performance and arguably professionalism of these players is so quickly forgotten about? At the time you’ll hear the pundits say “these players need to look at themselves in the mirror”, but the manager always carries the can and all will be forgiven and forgotten as regards the players.

Do we too readily accept this? Do the players too readily rely on motivation from the manager rather than themselves?



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