‘Arsenal don’t have title hope and Mesut Ozil is a bottler’

Date published: Monday 21st November 2016 12:24

Mesut Ozil: Went missing at Old Trafford

Our Your Say posters are at odds over the performance of Arsenal on Saturday, with Mesut Ozil coming in for particular stick, while there are views on table-topping Chelsea, Liverpool’s draw at Southampton and the return of Yaya Toure.

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Wenger displays managerial incompetence once again

The last two games, if nothing else, have illustrated that Arsenal haven’t got a hope in hells chance of winning the PL.

Managerial incompetence, weaknesses in every area, vast amounts of money spent on the wrong players, tactical ineptitude continue to haunt the side.

There can’t be anyone out there surely who still believes that Wenger has what it takes to win the PL.

We were totally outplayed by a weak Spuds side last week and on Saturday we went to Old Trafford and as usual we were petrified. It was a truly pathetic performance against a very poor Manc side, this is the worst Manc team since the early 70’s when they were relegated but they still outplayed Arsenal.

Our defence kept giving the ball away, our two holding midfielders kept giving the ball away, Sanchez wasn’t fit and played too deep whilst Walcott and Ramsey didn’t receive enough of the ball. And as usual in the big games Ozil gave up in the warm up. What a total bottler this guy is, when the going gets tough Ozil gets going, into hiding, he was truly gutless and disinterested, it was a disgusting display from someone who is supposed to be world class.

Don’t make me laugh, I’ve heard people compare him to Bergkamp what a ludicrous suggestion.

As usual Wenger did nothing until the 70th minute and then it was desperation but he got lucky yet again this season. How many games is that we could have and should have lost this season but we have fluked points, it really is embarrassing now.

We will finish top4 at best but as for the title forget it. Man City and Chelsea, two clubs with real managers will walk it, why does our club persist with Wenger, yet again he fails to beat Mourinho, no wonder he’s a laughing stock amongst other fans.

The Oracle


Don’t pick on Ozil when Ramsey was far worse

Aaron Ramsey: Still rated highly by Wenger

Mr. Oracle how can you highlight all the flaws from manager to club to players and left the most blatant of them all. Ramsey!!! I stopped reading your post on Ozil yes he was poor but nothing near shocking like Ramsey was and in both your post from another feed.

I find you only mentioned why was Ramsey played on the left. The left may not be his preferred position but he was later drafted to the middle he was simple the worst player on both side and yet u go on about Ozil.

If Ozil was bad then Ramsey was beyond terrible. How you missed Ramsey’s most shocking and dreadful performance of his career to single out Ozil is just prejudice.



In defence of Ozil

I think with Ozil, you must understand the type of player he is. He will never be a hard man, or get in the thick of things when it gets physical. That’s why better managers crowd him and intimidate him, that’s the way you close him out the game. They know if you let him have space to play, he will cut you up.

Often, the tactics and players around him also do not assist, or help him. In fact, I would go as far as to say, we help the opposition in their plans to neutralize him.

I don’t like Mourinho, but he knows how to make life difficult, especially for Arsenal. The mentally approach is his first arrow fired. “18 months, I last won league, some managers not in 18 years…..Thud.”

Ramsey to me is not the old one. Whether it’s the position, or set up, tactics or what, he’s not at the party.

Maybe i’m biased, but In my mind, Arsenal are not mentally at the level they should be. United are hard because they believe they are hard, even with this team, they have belief, misguided maybe, but it’s there. This we lack. This is seen in Walcott, Ox, Iwobi, Ramsey (not as bad). Ox especially, however his run for cross for “Gerry”, was class, but he didn’t have to think, if he had, he would have bottled it.

I think it’s new manager time. We are not going to go further in present format. We have a good squad, with a few additions, we could be very good. This won’t happen, unless change is made at the top.

18 years is a long time. Respect.
Gooner for life.



Draw at Southampton not bad – but rivals will go there and win

James Milner: Battles with Sofiane Boufal

To win the PL it’s not about relying on other teams to lose it’s about your own results and winning the games that you should win.

Yesterday Liverpool dominated the game v Southampton but failed to win having 15 attempts on goal but only 2 on target which I suspect will be a bit of a concern for Klopp.

A point at Southampton is not a disaster although I suspect of the 3/4 teams competing for the title the majority will leave St Mary’s with all 3 points.

There’s a long way to go yet in the title race with plenty of twists and turns still to come!

nine nine nine


Top four still Liverpool’s main aim

Nine, I don’t think Klopp will be to concerned. We are never great after the international break. We should have won but all the top teams are going to drop points at places like Southampton(city drew at home)West Ham, Swansea (like Chelsea did) Watford, etc. points will be dropped. It’s such a tough league mate. I was really impressed by Chelsea at Southampton. 

It’s obvious to say but it’s still early days and Liverpool shouldn’t be bothered by Chelsea going top. It’s all about top 4 for me. You look at the teams we are competing against.

Much bigger budgets who can attract the top talent.we get top 4 and it be a massive achievement. I don’t have one eye on the league at all. It’s about making steady progress and that’s what’s happening for us. I’d love a trophy and top 4.we need to start winning cups.

sean the sailor



Power Rankings: Man Utd are back…or maybe not


A Tottenham fan reveling in victory over West Ham

Harry Kane: Striker discussed future after win over West Ham

Boy I enjoyed Saturday. For a large part of the day I was with two of my best mates, who just happen to support West Ham.

We started the session at a pub and watched the England rugby match. Then we went separate ways – me to the game and them to a another pub, which they assured me would be pro-Hammers. To the independent I bet it was a great game. To me it was a game of frustration until the last 5 minutes. How did we pull that one out of the fire?

West Ham are good even if they have got a crappy stadium. Antonio is really good, far better than walker when going forward.

How often have we seen Kyle make great moves down the wing and then just stop and pass it backwards? Winks is the real deal. He is only 20 and I’m sure will prove to be everything Carroll and Mason should have been. By the 86th minute I was already getting texts from ‘them in the claret and blue’ telling me my beer had gone flat.

When we got the equaliser I got a text explaining how we were lucky. When we got the winner I got a one-word text beginning with ‘F’. stadium was buzzing.

After the game I tracked them down at a third pub and by now they were well lathered. ‘Knees up muvver brown….’

Ricky’s beard


Chelsea top – and with impressive stats to boot

Diego Costa: Chelsea's matchwinner at Boro

What a day for Chelsea! Top of the table, top of the wins, top of the goal scoring chart, top of the clean sheets kept, top of the goal difference table, and second on goals scored. It couldn’t be more perfect day. Ihave never seen a team that has been written off even before they played 10 games come back so strong as we did.

Credit to Boro, they have fought bravely throughout the contest. I thought Moses deserved to be our man of the match. he had an excellent first 45 mins.

Pedro was unlucky twice and all that credit goes to V. Valdez he has had the game of his life today.

Next is Spurs which won’t be an easy game. for the first time we will be facing a well drilled defence and a very good attack. If we can get 4 points from our next two games, I expect us to be there.



We knew it would’t be easy against a Boro team who stole points against Arsenal & Man City. Victor Valdez is still class. Costa is one of the best striker in the world. Hazard was a bit off but still Boro’s defense was so good that he always was surrounded by their players everytime he had the ball. They closed down the space very well. Our defense was great as well as they only had 1 shot on goal that was saved thanks to our GK.

It’s good to be at the top for the moment, but the challenge lies ahead. A derby against Spurs followed by a match away at City: we can see from the outcome from these 2 matches what our aim should be this season. I still think to be back to the top 4 and win a Cup should still be the objective, but we already lost in the Capital One.

Hope that Costa will score again but does not get any card against Spurs…



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Newcastle, the win at Leeds and the problem with Gouffran

Dwight Gayle: On target twice at Elland Road

Hey lads! Finally some posts on Newcastle, lol. Leeds where dealt K.O. by Gayle. I know, professional footballers are not supposed to be saints. Everybody deserves a night out. They play either saturday, or sunday. I would prefer they go party after the games. Part of the problem with Gouff is, what does he want?

I think Rafa should sit down with him and ask him. The way he has conducted himself at the club is exemplary. He had a horrible year, and this can be forgiven. I have doubts he will be able to perform in the EPL, but his attitude and work ethic are values we should promote/reward.

So sit down with him, ask him if he’s into coaching/scouting, whether he fancies staying for another year as a squad player. And with these info in hand, we can offer him an extension, fast track his post-playing career development.



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Yaya’s back – why doesn’t Mourinho follow suit with Schweini?

Yaya Toure: Put months of frustration behind him

Difference between the two managers. Pep swallows his pride and brings Yaya back. We see the result. Mourinho can’t swallow his and leaves Schweinsteiger out because he said at first he ‘wasn’t part of his plans’ and can’t admit he might have been wrong. So we’ll never know what difference he might have made.




Monday Verdict: Yaya screwed by agent; Mourinho to blame for draw?

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