Man Utd fans ‘up in arms’ over reported Rodriguez links

Date published: Tuesday 16th May 2017 11:50

Arsenal fans do not want the club to finish in the top four and one Manchester United fan is not happy about the James Rodriguez talk, all in Your Says of the Day.

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Stoke trophy?

Okay, so its not worthy of a trophy but its always nice to get one over on them isn’t it?! All in all a decent performance and its important to continue to build momentum going into the final. Although the Stoke goal should never have stood, it was a bit soft to concede.

Holding had a great game apart from allowing that cross in. He has bags of ability and potential but I think he can sometimes be muscled our of things a bit easily.

Anyway, off the pitch it looks like the deal for Kolasinac is done. I’m sure there will be some people out there who are underwhelmed by the signing with it being a free transfer but he seemed to be interesting a lot of big teams. I saw an interview with Rafa Honigstein last night, who said he is hands down better than Gibbs so I wouldn’t be surprised if Kieran is moved on in the summer.

Apparently Juventus wanted to sign Kolasinac last year but could not make it work. I did read a rumour yesterday that he is coming in as one of our highest earners, which would suggest that is how we kept him away from other clubs.

People who watch a lot of German football are talking up his physicality and willingness to get stuck in to tackles. He has experience playing a number of positions by all accounts….CB, LB, LWB, DM. I just hope its the first of several signings this summer.



‘I don’t want top four for Arsenal’

I’m glad I opened this debate and thanks guys for your opinions. I HATE to say that I don’t want top 4 and Al, you’re right, I can’t blame stev’s comments. Coz deep down I feel the same. But change is needed.

The cracks have been papered over for a number of years and the frustration is all too much now.
If we finished 4th (unlikely as Pool won) as much as I want it to be the straw that breaks the camels back here, it clearly won’t. Wenger has mugged us off and said he made his decision and two months later, we are still waiting.

Why do we have this end to season, not where we miss out on the league, it’s clinging for a 4th spot unless teams around us stuff it up. We have always been 2-3 players short (in the right areas) but now he is being found out coz too many teams around us are improving.

Whatever happens guys, I bring no offense to others with my comments. Just fed up.
Regardless of what I say about the 4th spot (reluctantly) I want the cup back in our cabinet as we all do. What I don’t want is a speech after saying this is the catalyst for the future and he is staying… If two cups in 2 years isn’t a catalyst then what is? Regardless of what happens, he will stay and it is rinse and repeat.
Arsenal 4 life.



‘The worst season under Wenger’

Mate,we won’t finish in the top four because we don’t deserve to.We might be in the FA cup final and still with an outside chance of top four but in terms of enjoyment this has been the worst season under wenger.

I came on here a couple of weeks ago saying I want us to finish in the top four only because it will attract top talent for next season.But if I really think to myself,in reality there’s not much benefit at a club like ours to yet again to get a CL spot.We are never going to buy the likes of neymar,bale etc and the second quality of players below them will easily get attracted by wages which we are capable to pay.
We are never going to win the CL under wenger so there’s no point in being in it.

The biggest expectation to have and why I don’t want us to finish there is so wenger can leave the club.That’s the only way he will leave, because as long as he’s finishing there he’s always considered it a good enough job.Also,the board show no power over him or to sack him.

Such is the position of the club..

the specialone


Reasons to miss out on top four

Arsene Wenger: British players are key to Arsenal

Totally agree romford.

If we do make top 4 a few things are more than likely going to happen.

Wenger’s ego will getting even bigger after the criticism this season as he achieves his mandate
Wenger will feel he can take the team further and stay on
Wenger supporters will come out from the cracks saying he’s done it again and in Wenger we Trust
We’ll get spanked again in the Champions League
We’ll lose Sanchez and struggle even more for top 4 as who else of his calibre will be willing to join us?

In the past, I am sure many will feel the same with getting nervous and excited before games and where every challenge/tackle meant so much. It’s now come to a point where we have been mugged off for so long that we want to lose games so that the future can improve. It’s one thing to see very slow improvement but we are going backwards. The performances this season have been appalling with our best player wanting to leave and who can blame him.



Annoyed to concede three goals against Watford

Decent result tonight with a makeshift team. Not going to lie, a bit annoyed that we conceded 3 goals tonight.

Watford are a poor side and I bet that those Watford fans are glad it’s the end of the season. I think if there were a couple of more games instead of just one, Watford would have gone. Having said that, I thought they played well and did well to pull it back to 3-3 & probably deserved a point.

Glad we picked up the win & fingers crossed we go on to beat Sunderland next weekend and break the record for victories within a season. More importantly, we need to keep up that momentum for the FA cup final.



Tough choice for Conte for FA Cup final

With the players celebrating until 5am on Saturday morning and with so many changes the cohesion wasn’t there last night particularly in defence although once again Ake looked promising as did Chalobah and Michy had some moments.

Shame about the shine being taken of JT’s goal so quickly in what was probably his last start.

I expect the usual 11 to start v Sunderland with JT making a cameo appearance at some point prior to lifting the trophy.

Sunday will be a mix of sadness and great joy and a few years will be said as we say farewell to JT.

Tough decision coming up for Conte in respect of who starts in the Cup Final with Cesc playing so well it might come down to a choice between Kante and Matic.

I agree with Aindro re Zouma he needs to go on loan next season and get a full season of playing under his belt.

nine nine nine


‘Too many changes against Watford’

Far too many changes IMO and that showed in the manner that we conceded the 3 goals. Bit sloppy defensively but at the same time have to be pleased that we fought to the end and scored at the death

General party atmosphere was good but maybe transmitted itself to the pitch with some of the players taking it too easy. However, I think you also have to say that if Watford played like that all season then maybe they would have been better placed in the league…?

Glad we won and expect us to stay fully focused and possibly not so many changes for Sunderland when we have the opportunity to create history (again) by achieving the most wins in a season in the history of the EPL. KTBFFH



Coutinho sounds ‘open to a move’

Is nobody going to talk about Coutinho’s statement about the potential Barca link? I’m talking about the hefty amount of quotes from :

I’ll just come straight out and suggest that I think he’s open to a move due to the wording of the entire thing. I think he’s being very tactical in his choice of words here. While not wanting to sound too keen he hasn’t spoken about being here beyond the next 2 matches.

He spoke about getting Liverpool into the CL and made other respectful comments about our club but he hasn’t hinted about wanting to stay at all. Actually he’s just said that any offers will be dealt with by the business people. That’s basically saying that the transfer will be offered and accepted by the 2 clubs.

Now, I’m not knocking the guy and I think some people are going to get a little defensive about this but that’s how I read into what’s been said.

This is the problem with getting South Americans, they all want to go to one of the 2 Spanish giants eventually. The one thing that we have in our favour (potentially) is that if we can hold onto Coutinho and Firmino for the next 1-2 seasons and we do well in Europe with them, we’ll make a name for ourselves over there, as they will be watching. If this Luan guy is as good as people say he is and we do end up signing him, that’s another one. We would definitely draw some viewers from down that way with 3 top Brazilians in our team. . and who knows maybe Lucas will stay for another season! :PPP

But going back tot he transfer rumours and how FSG were apparently only willing to accept £76m. . . Do people remember that something kinda similar happened with Suarez. What lead up to the transfer was very different but suddenly this “low” sounding figure was passed around as what FSG were willing to accept, like it was some strong bargaining stance but really, they wanted to sell and Barca knew it.

I think the same thing might be happening here ?

Mr Makaveli


‘Barca will have Coutinho on a shortlist’

MrMak those comments do sound ominous, but like Sean said I think it’s unlikely that anything will happen this season… you never know though

Barca probably have Coutinho on a shortlist and will go for him if they can’t get the likes of Dybala.

I wouldn’t blame him if he does go, as it’s a great opportunity for him and we can’t match Barca’s ambition and unlike some he hasn’t sulked and has been committed to the cause

re FSG if they do make this sale and don’t invest the money in a ‘marquee player’ then that would be highly disappointing to say the least
I would also reassess selling Sturridge if Coutinho goes.



‘It seems Mendes can sell any old **** to United’

These James Rodriguez rumours are very disconcerting,being reported widely now that the deal is being announced this coming Sunday!

It seems Jorge Mendes can sell any old sh*te to that plank Wudwud,and at vastly inflated prices for someone who has done f*ck all for 2 years and is surplus to requirements at Madrid.

If this deal happens I will be extremely concerned at what the f*ck is going to happen this summer and just how many half hearted,overrated ‘Carlos Kickaballs’ we are going to end up with,simple as that.


Man Utd team for next season

Kylian Mbappe & Tiemoue Bakayoko: Linked with Man United

IF we get to the Champions League via the Europa League, then I think it’ll be a fantastic summer in terms of transfers.

I would love to see the following team/formation.


GK – De Gea

RB – Valencia (Solid)
CB – Bailly (Beast)
CB – Dier (Talented)
LB – Mendy (Energetic)

CDM – Bakayoko (Destroyer)
LCM – Pogba (Dab, lol. Heart of the team)
RCM – Herrera(c) (Box-to-box)

LW – Griezmann (Magical)
RW – Mkhi (Dribbler)
ST – Rashford (Give him a chance)

Defensive cover – Smalling, Rojo, TFM, Shaw.

Midfield cover – Fellaini (don’t think Jose will sell him), James (Would love him at our club), Renato Sanches (Young and not liked at Bayern), Cesc (if he’d join).

Forward cover – Lingard (‘cos he’s signed a new deal), Martial, Pereira, Ibra. (I would also try a cheeky bid for Chicarito, loved him at United)

I think this 23-man squad has youth, experience, world class players and SPEED up front.

The left side of Mendy, Pogba and Griezmann can be phenomenal (French, young and good friends).

The rest of the team that I’ve not mentioned can simply go (Rooney, Jones, Young et al).

This team would therefore purchase; Dier, Mendy, Bakayoko, Griezmann, James, Sanches, Cesc. Not totally unrealistic.

We don’t have the time to blend youngsters in and build a generation of world class players. The footballing world has changed and if we go a few seasons without truly challenging for major trophies, we’ll fall further behind. Need class players NOW.



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