‘Arsenal can expect to fetch £15m – £20m for Jack Wilshere’

Date published: Thursday 20th April 2017 1:22

Arsenal fans fear Jack Wilshere’s potential will never be realised and Michael Carrick has been exposed as Man Utd have become weaker, all in our forum.

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Time for Lukaku to ‘step-up’ into the Champions League

If the stories are to be believed then it would appear that Lukaku has nailed his colours to the mast already and declared his preferred destination is Chelsea

I wonder if that means that the clubs are already speaking or whether Everton will retreat into their trenches and prepare for a long drawn out affair based on previous dealings with us (Stones last season)

Regardless, if true, a bold move by Lukaku and it will be interesting to see if Conte feels the same and how we will approach this potential transfer if indeed we even go there…?

For me, it is clear that Lukaku has proven he can cut it in the EPL and now he has to make that step up to CL football. Bearing in mind the better players we have and therefore, in theory anyway, the better service he will get it could/should easily be possible. Just wonder how expensive this will turn out to be …? KTBFFH



Conte will start Costa

Antonio Conte: Hopeful about Costa

So it looks as though Courtois will be available as he trained with the keeper coach yesterday and is expected to train with the squad today

We have to assume whatever bug/illness was going around is resolved so hopefully that should leave Conte with a fully fit squad to choose from

Stories today of China coming back for Costa (did they ever go away…?) and maybe that is a reason why he is not performing?

Regardless, it leaves Conte with a decision to make for Saturday but assuming all are fit then I think he would go with what he considers to be his best eleven and that means Costa and then a choice between Fabregas/Matic…? KTBFFH



Is it the end for Wilshere?

With the news that Jack Wilshere is out for the rest of the season and may have broken yet another bone in his lower leg is that the end for the player who was our best prospect in recent years?

It will be sad if it is and Wenger has to shoulder some of the blame.

The Oracle


‘Bags of potential, constantly injured…’

Jack Wilshere: Limped off injured at Tottenham

Not sure about that, he is just one of those players, been a few over the years, bags of potential but constantly injured and never amount to anything.

Diaby anyone…been so many not just for us though we do have more patience than most, i dont think he has pulled up trees at Bournemouth either, we have bigger issues than Jack though i wish him well.

steveosnake eye


Let’s hope for £15-20m for Wilshere

THINK this USB the end of jack and although I thought he had great potential he will join a list of never having fufilled it due to his constant injuries.

He hasn’t looked like a top player in a ordinary team so think with only a year left we can hope someone takes a punt on him and gives up close to what he would be worth if he had a stellar season.

Let’s hope someone like West Ham or stoke pay something close to £15-20 million on the fact he’s still young and English.

If it was a choice of who to keep from jack and Ramsey I would find it hard to give u a name because I wouldn’t rather sell both and buy a top midfielder but then same could be said about half of our team



Wilshere potential ‘unlikely to be realised’

I agree about Jack and that his stint at Bournemouth has demonstrated that whatever potential he used to show, it’s unlikely to be realised. However, can’t agree on Rambo – for me, he’s the perfect example of one of the players we have who would do much better under another manager.

I say this because of Coleman, who always manages to get the best out of Aaron when he’s in a Wales shirt. He had a great Euros and was voted as Welsh player of the tournament, over Bale.

We have a lot of players who would do a lot, lot better under a different manager and like Ahmad, one of my main concerns is Wenger getting to spend more of our funds because it’s not even so much whether he makes good buys or not, but more whether the players will perform for him, even when the quality isn’t in question.

I don’t think Mustafi or Xhaka were particularly bad buys either – jury’s still out for me, on both players, until and unless we get to see them playing for a manager who still knows what he’s doing.

Al The Gooner


Dump Xhaka and Ozil 

Ramsey is potentially a key player for us if used properly and I have referred to his performance in the Euro’s on many occasions in the past.

Momo, we need to be keeping Jack & Ramsey and dumping Ozil and Xhaka, £80million a combined wage of about £230,000 per week. Both players a total waste of money. Funny that the best team in the PL currently have a backbone of English players and Wenger had much better to work with and has messed it up totally.

The Oracle


Can should not be sold

People were very quick to write Can off recently even he had a very good first two seasons. He has now shown when fully fit ,what a very good player he is. Who knows what he is looking for but the man is a beast of a player. He should not be sold.

Sean the Sailor


Liverpool starting XI for 2017/18

It looks like Migs has done enough this year.

New LCB (no idea who, can’t see us getting Van Dijk, would love it if JK and MS could bury the hatchet)
New LB (any ideas?)


Coutinho (could be hard to keep him if Barca come sniffing. They’ll be looking to strengthen after a pooor season)

Trying to be realistic. Mbappe would be out of this world, but that isn’t going to happen.



United’s summer requirements

Providing De Gea doesn’t go we need a CB,LB, CM and ST (Griezmann).

We would have De Gea, Valencia, Bailly, CB, LB, Pogba, Mhkitarian, CM, Martial,Griezmann and Rashford.

I cannot see us getting​ rid of them all in one window but with the right signings we could mount a challenge. If Shaw could pull his finger out we could add another midfielder instead.


Carrick’s been exposed by a weakening United

But how much does the quality in some players make the other players in the team play/look better?

@manthistle – Ha ha ha. We’ve heard this old chesnut from you many a time in praise of Carrick.

You would have us believe in the days Carrick played alongside the likes of Rio, Vidic, Giggs, Scholes, Ronnie etc. it was only because of Carrick’s presence in the team that they played/looked so good.

Lets be clear. Quality is quality and mediocrity is mediocrity. Its as clear as day and night. A great player in a great side will be more likely to be on the winning side and amass medals. The team will have more of the ball, but he will get less of the ball but be marked less.

In a mediocre side, he will be the focus, get passed the ball every opportunity, be man marked and lose games because its all on him. True a great player performs better in a great team, and a great team makes it easier for a mediocre player to hide.

In Carrick’s case, when playing in a great team he seemed decent. As those great players left and he found himself in a mediocre team, what happened. Your statement was shown to be true. He didn’t look so good then. As the focus and responsibility fell more on him, he didn’t play/look anywhere near as good.


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