‘Arsenal need to show some balls and move for Allegri’

Date published: Monday 27th February 2017 11:31

Arsenal supporters want to see Massimiliano Allegri named boss, while Man Utd, Newcastle and Chelsea fans discuss the latest issues.

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Where would United be without Ibra?

Wonder where Utd would be without Ibra? Guess that’s why Jose bought him, big player delivering on the big stage. Gutted for Saints though, they deserved to win. It’s a cliché but Jose knows how to win finals.



Fantastic. Thought it was a great final to watch, not what I was expecting after seeing a couple of Jose finals previously.

Southampton unlucky to have a goal disallowed, but could have been down to ten men with a different ref.

All credit to Southampton, not many gave them a chance before the match – which I thought was silly, but they played really well and should take great pride in their performance.



Heartbreaking for Southampton because they’ve played so well but in the end class tells and it was a great cross and a great goal from a very classy striker in Ibrahimovic.

Where would United have been without him this season.

nine nine nine


Congrats United.

It goes without saying it was a great Cup Final and a classic. Kudos to Southampton who gave a good account of themselves throughout this competition and in this final too pegging back the Red Devils, but it goes back to having a top top player on the pitch you know will produce the goods on the day.

Well done Zlatan and United and first domestic trophy winners of this season.



Nice one lads, all those that congratulated us. Far from our best performance and all credit goes to the team for eventually overcoming a hungrier side who were probably a bit unlucky in the end.

A trophy is a trophy and we’ll take that. We’ve now won the last 3 domestic trophies up for grabs with the FA cup, community shield and now the league cup. They all count and will help build confidence. Job done!



Will Ibrahimovic deter big striker signing?

Ibra was clinical at Wembley, and the lack of technology is what makes this sport great.

What will be interesting though is what happens striker wise at Man U next season? If Ibra stays will a big name want to come and play second fiddle, or will Ibra be happy in the second choice role? Either way, I don’t think Jose anticipated Ibra having the effect he has had…



I was not in favour of the Zlatan signing due to his age. I feared he would be another Falcao. But he has proved to be our Saviour many times. The danger is JM overlooks the strikeforce this summer, thinking he can squeeze more toothpaste out of the 36 year old tube.



What a striker Gabbiadini is

Manolo Gabbiandini showed at Wembley what a really good striker he is. I watched him a few times for Napoli and I’m shocked no one else – or no one bigger – came in for him. Underrated, definitely a bargain who went under the radar.

He scored his second went off to celebrate and Chris Smalling was still looking for the ball….



Inept Man Utd display shows raft of new signings are needed

Another dire performance. Plenty of work and money needs to be spent before JM has a team capable of challenging for the CL.

Just when I thought the team was beginning to turn the corner we have to be subjected to a pantomime such as this.

For the past few months the defence has played solidly but today’s show was diabolical. JM is dead right thinking the team needs another CB and two FBs. That’s in addition to 2 MFs and a goalscorer.

Going through each individual performance only De Gea and Zlatan came out with any credit. The rest were absolutely terrible. Made Soton look like a ‘super’ team which they never will be.

However a win is a win and a trophy is welcome.

Now there needs to be concentration on a top 4 place. But after today it’s doubtful.



Arsenal need to show some balls and move for Allegri

There are some rumours that Barca want to sign Allegri. If true then I cannot see Allegri coming to the Arsenal, and another potentially good manager we may miss out on.

Why does not our board show a little bit of ambition/balls for once and make a move before it is too late?



Wijnaldum absence would hurt Liverpool

Wijnaldum has been injured. If he can’t start on Monday that’s going to throw our balance way off. It’s so bloody annoying that we can’t seem to ever have a full strength team for any time at all.

I’d been calling for a high tempo game from us but with Can coming into the team, that slows our play down, essentially enabling the parking of a bus.

Hightown, ha I won’t be predicting quite that scoreline this time. I wouldn’t say no to 4-0 though ????



Leicester ‘too focused’ on Europe

I agree with Sanji, Leicester have been far to focused on the CL at the expense of the PL and then the PL losses have stripped their morale and confidence.

Interesting article in the Mail today that suggests Ranieri stuck with Pearson’s tactics from the beginning of last season because that’s what the players felt comfortable with and the rest is history. This season according to the article Ranieri constantly changed the tactics confusing the players?

Rumours that the players have asked for Pearson to come back?

Hiddink would be a good interim call but he will be 71 next birthday and I think anything longer than that might be too much for him.

I don’t think Liverpool have to worry about an appointment being made by tomorrow which obviously might aid Leicester’s morale.

I suspect we will see a reaction from Leicester tomorrow but I still think Liverpool will have too much in their locker for them.

I bet Sky can’t believe their luck in scheduling this game tomorrow given everything that’s happened.

nine nine nine

Yeah they should just throw in the towel, admit to themselves that they cant focus on both competitions and forfeit the game against Sevilla.

It’s not like there are 3 cup games til the final. Its not like the players are not capable of a upset. They are 2-1 down against Sevilla. They will be looking at that game, its the biggest game of their professional game yet.
If they actually progress in Europe, they will have made the right decision about Ranieri and they are to good for the drop if it gets tight down there at the end of the season.

If they get relegated on the other hand the whole circus could turn into another Pompey.





Next three games to make or break Newcastle’s promotion push

These next 3 games are make or break this season. Confidence and momentum wise, which ever 2 teams comes out better in these games, would be favourites for the top 2.

Dare I say we should play a 352, to counter brightons playing two up front. But Rafa knows best I guess, it wouldn’t surprise me if we win these 3 games without conceding a goal, and it wouldn’t surprise me if we lose 2 and draw 1, so anything can happen, which makes everyone nervous.

It would surprise me if mitrovic and colback have good games, that would be the biggest shock.



Andy Carroll could seriously hurt Chelsea’s defence

There is no doubt that where we have been solid defensively for large spells of the season a few frailties have started to appear, especially from set pieces and high balls in.

With Andy Carroll set to return from injury next Monday night I would hope that AC will be getting the defence well drilled so we dont look as chaotic as we did just before half time yesterday, which will include the shift that the wing backs will have to put in to cut off the supply chain, especially from the defensive left side of the pitch.



How on earth did we end up with Moses marking Llorente for the Swansea goal?

Some thinking for Conte to do because West Ham will look to hit Carroll in the air at every opportunity and we will have to be strong in the aereal battles.

nine nine nine


Have to admit that we simply did not look organised or set at for the free-kick and I think it was simply bad luck about the marking. Even then, Llorente moved and no defender or player went with him

Not sure who is responsible for organising the defence at set pieces but you have to assume that Conte had done his homework and would have detailed a specific player to mark Llorente during training so for me the blame is totally down to the organiser of the defence (and as the captain and defender I am assuming that is Cahill but could be wrong).

Because the error was so bad you have to assume that special attention will be paid to set pieces and the potential of facing Carroll during training this week. KTBFFH


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