Egypt flyer Salah a ‘good option’ for Klopp’s Liverpool

Date published: Thursday 1st June 2017 7:00

Arsenal readers continue to lament the news that they have two more years of Arsene Wenger, while Man United fans argue over whether Zlatan should get a new deal and Mohamed Salah is up for discussion at Liverpool, all in Your Says of the Day.

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Arsenal set for the same old, same old

Well we knew it was done and dusted after FA cup win. Wenger here again. Shifty had this nailed shut, long before any of us.

However, The rhetoric regarding next season and the stated ambition, to win Prem league and European competition(s), will become obvious by the activity(or lack thereof), in this transfer market.

If we get same old, same old. We will all know Wenger, board and owner back in their respective comfort zones.

I’m waiting patiently for a clean out, and the big money players we need to do the business. I know we’ve all been here before, but have been fooled too many times in the past. Ain’t gonna work no more…..

If Sanchez and Ozil go, then we know it’s rubbish and just a fairy story.

Gooner for life. Respect all.


There is a suggestion that the board was against an extension but they were over ruled by Kroenke. If this is indeed true, then nothing will change while Kroenke is the majority share holder.

Now we can expect the usual shenanigans for getting transfers done, and as Karim says actually bringing in players that will make a difference.

Anyway, I will try to stay positive, and hope we do a Leicester. This is how much faith I have in Arsenal winning the league under Wenger.


ahmad1973 – Not a suggestion Mate, I definitely feel it is only because of kronke that wenger has been allowed to stay at the club.Is it any wonder that wenger backs him time and again in pubic, when kronke’s action deserve anything but praise.

Shifters thinks kronke has nothing to do with the decision making of the club. Err what, he’s on the board. He has the power to sack wenger, he hasn’t because he’s the most unambitious owner there is.

Clubs like city, chelsea etc prove the more involved owners are the more success they get. Kronke dosen’t even know the rules of the game! Like I said, nothing will change until kronke leaves.

As for our title chances next season, I wouldn’t even give the odds leicester had the season before the won the PL. Why? Because there is no indication to suggest we can. It’s always been the mentality, but wenger refuses to even identify it as a problem let alone solve it.

The FA cup was all well and good, we won it because our season was over and we had nothing to lose.But if we’re leading the PL, and the pressure is on us there is no bigger bottlers than us. I have zero confidence in us, because we simply don’t know what it’s necessary to “win”.

the specialone

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Zlatan – Should he stay or should he go?

What’s the consensus on whether or not to keep Zlatan Ibrahimovic for another year?

He’s a 35 (nearly 36) player who has suffered what could be considered a potentially career threatening injury, especially given his age. The wage that he’s rumoured to be on is enormous, and there’s an argument that he stifles the way Man Utd play and hinders Rashford’s progress.

On the other hand, he is a 36 year old player in the body of a 28 year old due to his dedication to looking after himself. He is a winner with a bursting trophy cabinet, a team player, and carries a huge presence with a personality and swagger. He finished the season as our leading goal scorer and it could be argued that our undefeated streak ended at the same time he got injured. His game doesn’t rely on pace, he brings something different to the team, he has Champions League pedigree and the experience of dealing with the pressure of big matches, all of which Rashford could still learn from him during his developing years.

For me, I think I would keep him on for another year, if something can be arranged in his contract such as a reduced wage or some sort of agreement that benefits both parties. Nobody knows for sure when he’ll be back, but him coming in fresh during the festive programme might offer a welcome boost to the campaign. Basically, if the type of players United are rumoured to be in for are brought in, then I can’t see how keeping Ibrahimovic on for another year isn’t overall a beneficial move.


Also mentioned elsewhere: 36 in October, recovering from a long term injury, costs us 367k a week. He did excactly what he was brought in to do, and now it has to be time to look forward.


I’ve been seriously impressed with Zlatan since his injury. The way he is recovering is phenomenal. He looks like he could be ready for the pre-season tour of the US! He’s a great example to the younger players at Carrington (compared to Rooney for example) and given the dedication he’s shown in getting fit I think he’s earned another season if he gets it.

There were rumours that a doctor in the US wants to use him for medical research when he retires as he’s never seen anyone as fit and in such a good condition for his age.


I reckon we have to cut our losses on Zlatan. His wage is just way too big.

I have been highly impressed with everything about him since he joined – his arrogance, his ability, the feedback we get about him from other players, his professionalism, even his apparent superhuman recovery rate from such a big injury.

Fact is he’s just done his knee and will be available at the end of the year. Are we so rich that we can pay circa 8.5 million quid to an injured player over the next 6 months?? That’s insanity.


Timing of Real Madrid’s De Gea bid ‘very strange’

I find it quite strange (if true) for Real Madrid to make an official offer for De Gea days before a Champions League final where the performance of a GK can be make or break, especially in the possibility of a penalty shootout. Very strange.


Salah a good option for Liverpool

I think Salah would be a good addition – even at £43m. I watched him at Fiorentina and Roma. He has pace so can come in for Mane when he is out. He can play upfront to.

I didn’t realize he had 19 goals this season. He’s still quite young. We have been linked with Lacazette. I’m not sure he has the workrate required though.

Lee Simpson

I never rated Salah either, but that was then not now.

He went to Italy and improved immensely, and the stats don’t lie, 34 goals in 2 seasons from a winger is a great return. If Klopp is after him, then I think it’s a good move.


No excuses for Pep; it’s his team now

Looks like the deal for the keeper from Benefica is done. Sky are also reporting that a deal is close for the LB Mendy from Monaco.

Along with a done deal for Silva, City are definitely looking to get their business done early on. Looks like the bosses have put together a clear list in the past few months of potential targets which is surprisingly organised.

The ‘football manager’ way of putting together a team is not my favourite to be honest having grown up watching home grown talent being given a chance and seeing teams built on a budget win cups, but I guess that’s modern football for you.

All players that have left City this summer so far are are being replaced with top young European talent, so Pep won’t have any excuses for this not being his team now.


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